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M&R Red Chili Quartz Flash Cure Unit - 20 in X 24 in 
Manufacturer Item: RED-2024
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Habanero is a fully portable infrared flash cure system for automatic screen printing presses. It features a powerful infrared panel, digital temperature controls, operation indicator light, solid-state circuitry, and a fully insulated panel guard to minimize exterior heat. The sturdy, height-adjustable stand features floor-leveling wheels. Hood-mounted controls give it a sleek, clean appearance. These versatile freestanding flash cure units are easy to move around screen printing shops.


The Habanero AF (Air Flow) flash cure unit uses a 50% more powerful perforated infrared heat panel and air circulating fans for faster curing, especially when flashing water-based inks. Habanero and Habanero AF are star performers in any print shop.

Product Specifications of the M&R Habanero Infrared Flash Cure Unit:

Cure Area: 56 x 61 cm (22 in x 24 in)

Electrical Requirements: 208/230 V, 1 ph, 26/29 A, 50/60 Hz, 5.4 kW

Overall Size (H x W x L): 112 x 69 x 104 cm (44" x 27" x 41")

Additional Specifications of the M&R Habanero Infrared Flash Cure Unit:

This unit is a versatile freestanding flash cure unit with hood-mounted controls. It is ideal retrofit solution for M&R automatic screen printing presses already in service. Versatile enough to be used with manual screen printing presses.

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