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M&R Uni-Kote Automatic Screen Coating Machine - 31 in X 43 in X 1.75"
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M&R Uni-Kote Automatic Screen Coating Machine provides a reliable, low-cost option for automating screen coating. The computerized control center, conveniently mounted at the side of the machine, makes programming simple. Uni-Kotes front and rear coaters can operate in tandem or independently, allowing operators to coat each side separately, both sides simultaneously, or just one side.


M&R Uni-Kote Automatic Screen Coating Machine from M&R brings automated efficiency and consistency to one of the most important steps in the screen printing process. Unlike manual coating the Uni-Kote will not vary in coating speed or pressure, giving you properly coated screens that lead to better image quality, ink deposit and detail in your prints.

The anodized aluminum coating troughs have a dual-edge design allowing for a greater range of emulsion thicknesses across a large assortment of screen mesh counts, and the quick-load design speeds installation and removal of troughs for quick clean up. Combining these features with tool-free frame size adjustments allow operators to rapidly switch frame sizes and coating areas, enhancing versatility and speeding production.

M&R Uni-Kote Automatic Screen Coating Machine fully programmable touch screen HMI:

Allows precise control of coating speeds, and number of coats per side, while Job Recall™ allows operators to save up to fifteen “recipes” for quick and easy recall when needed. The precision machined steel chassis uses high quality linear bearings combined with a brushless electric drive system to provide smooth chatter-free carriage movement, while the high-quality regulators and pneumatics deliver consistent uniform emulsion application across the entire screen surface.

M&R’s Digital Screen Room:

You’ll see dramatic improvements in screen-production, as well as substantial improvements to image quality and consistency, all with lower operating costs and less waste than you ever thought possible. Screens imaged using M&R’s i-Image computer to screen (CTS) systems leave the “Digital Screen Room” pre-registered for use with M&R’s Tri-Sync registration system. Speeding press setup and getting you up and running in minutes! Not hours.

Product Features:


CE Certified, UL Listed and backed by a one-year limited warranty. Engineered for dependable performance and low maintenance the Uni-Kote is the low-cost way to automate your screen coating.


  • UL Listed: Built to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)

  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)

Color Touchscreen Control Center:

  • Displays key operational information—including current settings, speeds, recipes, and diagnostics

  • Icon based visuals for control functions

  • Job Recall™ allows operators to store operational parameters under operator-chosen alphanumeric names—and recall those named settings later

Design and Construction:

  • Anodized aluminum coating troughs available in multiple widths

  • High quality bearings and drive components for long life and smooth operation

  • Stainless steel lower covers for ease of cleaning and maintenance

  • Welded steel chassis, with critical working surfaces machined to exacting tolerances


  • Job Recall speeds parameter changes

  • Quick-load troughs and tool-free adjustments make for quick setup and operation


  • Coat up to 400 high-quality screens per hour

  • Simultaneous dual-side coating further increases productivity

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