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Murakami Aquasol HV Pure Photopolymer Emulsion (Blue) - 1 Gallon
Manufacturer Item: EMAQHV/01
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Murakami Aquasol HV is a Pure Photopolymer emulsion best used for plastisol discharge and water-based textile ink systems. Murakami Aquasol HV provides exceptional resolution, durability and definition. To use Murakami Aquasol HV with a water based or discharge ink, it must be hardened with Murakami Hardener and/or Hardener A&B. Stencils treated with Hardener A&B cannot be reused.


  • Blue colored PVA-SBQ Pure Photopolymer Direct Emulsion

  • Pre-sensitized for immediate use  

  • Quick exposure, 3-5x faster than most diazo based emulsions

  • Essentially pin hole and fisheye free

  • Extremely reliable on press

  • 42% solids content


Murakami Aquasol HV is best handled under yellow safelights. Avoid exposing it to sunlight, fluorescent and incandescent lights.


Murakami Aquasol HVP is ready to use immediately after opening. It is not required to add any sensitizer.

Mesh Preparation:

Prior to using Murakami Aquasol HV, it is crucial that you remove any contamination, residual inks, cleaning chemistry, or any dirt and dust. Ghost Remover (a non-caustic water soluble liquid) is capable of removing residual ink and/or emulsion. Degreaser can also get rid of any other contaminants. Do not forget to completely dry the screen before coating.

Coating Procedure:
To apply Murakami Aquasol HV use a clean dry coating trough that has a smooth surface for flawless coating. Apply one or two coats of Murakami Aquasol HV to the printing side of your screen. Rotate the frame 180 degrees and apply one or two coats to the squeegee side. You can add more coats if you are using thicker stencils.


During the drying phase you will rotate the screen horizontally with the print side facing down in a contaminant free, and light safe environment. The following steps, in addition with a screen drying cabinet, will guarantee a complete drying process:

  • 86° to 104° degrees F (30° to 40° C)

  • 30% to 50% relative humidity

  • Good air circulation


To minimize pinholes, clean the film positives and vacuum frame glass prior to exposure. Exposure is affected by color, emulsion type, coating thickness, lamp type, and the age of the bulb. For the best results, use an exposure calculator as well as these recommended time frames: Below is a list of suggested exposure times using a 5KW Metal Halide lamp at a distance of 40°.

  • Mesh Count 86-White: 50-60 seconds

  • Mesh Count 110-White: 45-55 seconds

  • Mesh Count 200-Yellow: 45-50 seconds

  • Mesh Count 300-Yellow: 35-40 seconds

  • Mesh Count 350-Yellow: 25-30 seconds


Gently spray both sides of the screen with lukewarm water, wait a few seconds to allow emulsions to soften then wash the print side of the screen until the image is fully visible. Rinse both sides thoroughly then set to dry. Drying cabinets, or fans are recommended for drying the screen.


Use Screen Cleaner to remove any excess ink on the frame and rinse thoroughly. Use a  Degreaser and rinse both sides thoroughly, then set to dry.


Keep emulsion in a cool and dry area. Unsensitized emulsions have a shelf life of at least a year when stored at room temperature. Murakami PVA-SBQ emulsion are best used within a year for quality results.

Coated screens can be stored for up to one month when stored in these conditions:

  • 59° to 77° degrees F (15° to 25° C)

  • 30% to 50% relative humidity.

Extending the Life Of Your Emulsion:

  • Whenever you use your Murakami Aquasol HV, remember to gently mix it.

  • Excessive heat will break down your Murakami Aquasol HV. Do not store it outside, instead place it in a cool area. Temperature, humidity and lack of use are large factors in the expiration of your Murakami Aquasol HV.

  • Keep the lid tight to prevent air or light leaks.

  • Add dates of use on the outside of your container to keep track of how often you are using it.

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