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Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super is a Direct Projection emulsion that can be used with UV and solvent based ink systems. This highly sensitive emulsion is used in large format graphics and signage, and excellent for use with UV, solvent based and textile ink systems. Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super is ready to use, so there is no need to add a sensitizer, leaving you more time to start your printing process.




  • Blue colored PVA-SBQ Pure Photopolymer Direct Emulsion

  • Virtually pin hole and fisheye free

  • Durable and long-lasting on presses

  • Can be used in conjunction with water based inks after being treated with a hardener

  • Outstanding resolution and definition of fine lines and halftones

  • 25% solids content



Like most emulsions the Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super  should only be applied and handled under yellow safe lights.  When handling you must avoid sunlight, UV lights, fluorescent and incandescent lights to deter from exposing your screen(s) too soon.



Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super is a pre-sensitized emulsion , so there is no need to add additional sensitizer.

Mesh Preparation:

It is important to remove any contamination, residual inks, cleaning chemistry, or general dirt and dust. You can use a haze or ghost remover (a non-caustic water soluble liquid) to remove residual ink. While a screen degreaser can also be used to remove further contaminants.


Completely dry the screen before coating. Garston offers a variety of degreasers and haze or ghost removers to help prepare your screens before application:

Coating Procedure:

Use a clean, dry coating trough or scoop coater that is nick free when applying your emulsion for a smooth coating. Apply one or two coats of the Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super Emulsion to the print side of your mesh, then rotate the frame 180 degrees, and apply either one or two coats of your emulsion to the squeegee side. If necessary, use additional coats of your Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super  to the print side if thicker stencils are required.


When drying your coated screen, place your screen horizontally with the print side down in a clean light safe area. For good drying results, the following conditions are optimal:

  • 86° to 104° degrees F (30° to 40° C)

  • 30% to 50% humidity

  • Good air circulation

For consistent results, the use of a screen drying cabinet with heated airflow can help in maintaining these conditions.



Prior to exposing your screen(s) making sure to clean the film positives and vacuum frame glass prior to exposure to minimize pinholes.  Exposure is affected by mesh color, emulsion type, coating thickness, lamp type and the age of the bulb itself. For best results use an exposure calculator to determine the correct exposure time. It is important that a lamp designed for exposing screen printing emulsions is utilized.


When washing out your screen(s) gently spray both sides of the screen with lukewarm water to rinse out the emulsion, wait a few seconds to allow the emulsion to soften. Once it is done, you can wash the print side of the screen until the image is no longer visible. Rinse both sides thoroughly, then dry. The use of a drying cabinet or fans is recommended for optimal dry time.

When reclaiming Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super , you can use a screen cleaner to remove excess ink as well as other screen printing chemicals to remove haze or ghost if necessary. During the washout process, let the screen sit for a few seconds to allow for the emulsion to soften. After waiting, wash out both sides of the screen until the image is completely gone.




Store your Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super Emulsion in a cool dry area. If stored properly a unsensitized emulsions will have a shelf life of at least one year if stored at room temperature. For the best results use Murakami PVA-SBQ emulsion within one year, while coated screens may be stored for up to one month when kept under the following conditions:

  • 59° to 77° degrees F (15° to 25° C)

  • 30% to 50% relative humidity


Extending the Life of Your Emulsion

Always gently mix your Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super before you use it, every time.

  • Keep Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol in a cool area, being in the heat will break down the components of your emulsion quicker.

  • Keep the lid to Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol tight, to avoid air and light leaks

  • To keep track of when you last used your Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super, write the date last used on the container before storing it away. Temperature and humidity are two large factors in the expiration of Murakami Aquasol One Pot Sol Super.

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