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Manufacturer Item: SQUE3/8X2-75G
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Murakami Screen Mesh maintains consistent mesh openings that aids in preventing moiré. Warp and weft threads are balanced to stretch equally during the print process. Murakami mesh reaches stable tension levels quickly and retains tension for the life of the mesh. The memory in Murakami mesh allows it to resist both the initial pull of the squeegee as well as forces during the print stroke to preserve registration from the first print to the last. On finer meshes, the thread surface is treated to help ink transfer to substrate instead of hanging up in the mesh, yielding a better reproduction of artwork. The following guideline will aid in determining your specific Mesh Count needs.1. 40-60 mesh count- used for shimmer, glitters and high density inks2. 60-85 mesh count- provides a heavy ink deposit for high opacity. Typically used for a white underprint.3. 110-140 mesh count- Great for spot colors and text.4. 160-180 mesh count- used for printing on light colored fabrics with regular detail and medium ink deposit.5. 200-260 mesh counts- Very good for high detail artwork. Common on white or light colored garments for a soft hand feel. Can hold halftones but not recommended for four color process printing.6. 305-355 mesh counts- used for extremely high detail printing such as 4 color process and simulated process prints.

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