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Nazdar 9050 Retarder Thinner - 1GL
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Use 9050 Retarder Thinner to reduce the viscosity of Nazdar 8900 Super Thermo-Set Screen Ink and 7900 Corogloss Screen Ink. Add up to 15% by weight. 8900 Series SuperSet Thermo-Set Screen Ink is a high solids, high gloss solvent-based screen ink. A single component, cross linked product, 8900 Series is formulated for printing on pre-coated metal surfaces. Properly cured, 8900 Series exhibits excellent resistance to many solvents, chemicals, humidity and abrasion. 8900 Series is specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility and intercoat adhesion.


Use personal protective equipment as required. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this

product. Ensure adequate ventilation.

Working Instructions:

To achieve proper ink flow, 8900 Series ink may be thinned. Use 9050 Retarder Thinner to reduce the viscosity of these inks. Add up to 15% by weight. Add only enough ink to the screen to be able to print for 5-10 minutes. Add additional ink in small increments throughout the print run to maintain screen stability. Thoroughly mix the inks prior to printing. Maintain ink temperatures at 65° -90° F (18° -32° C) for optimum print drying performance. Lower temperatures increase the ink viscosity, impairing both flow and drying. Elevated temperatures lower the ink viscosity, reducing print definition, film thickness and opacity. Pretest to determine optimum printing performance for a particular set of ink, substrate, screen, press, and drying variables/conditions.

Recommended Uses For 9050 Retarder Thinner:

  • Nazdar 8900 Super Thermo-Set Screen Ink

  • 7900 Corogloss Screen Ink

Adhesion Testing:

Adhesion should always be tested as adhesion depends upon curing conditions, age and manufacturer of the substrate. Adhesion may be improved when the substrate is cleaned with a suitable solvent such as isopropanol.

  • Touch of ink surface – the ink will be dry.

  • Thumb twist – the ink surface should not mar or smudge.

  • Scratch surface – the ink will resist scratching.

  • Cross hatch tape test – use a cross hatch tool or a sharp knife to cut through ink film only; then apply 3M #600 clear tape on cut area, rub down, wait for 1 minute and rip off at a 180 degree angle. Ink should only come off in actual cut areas.

Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep away from

open flames, hot surfaces and sources of ignition. Keep container closed when not in use.

Keep out of the reach of children. Store tightly covered at temperatures between 65° -90° F (18° -32° C). Ink taken from the press should not be returned to the original container; store separately to avoid contaminating unused ink.


Cleanup of Nazdar Nazdar 9050 Retarder Thinner:

  • Screen Wash (Prior to Reclaim): Use IMS202 Universal Graphic Screen Wash.

  • Press Wash (On Press): Use IMS301 Premium Graphic Press Wash.

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