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Nazdar 9637 Screen Wash - 1GL
Manufacturer Item: 9637
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9600 Series Screen Ink is designed primarily for printing on untreated polyester films. The ink will dry to a film exhibiting good gloss and flexibility with the exception of 9652 Super Opaque Black, which exhibits a matte, but flexible ink film.9600 Series may be catalyzed with NB72 Catalyst or NB80 Adhesion Promoter for adhesion to a diverse range of substrates including polyester, some rubber, polycarbonate, melamine plastics, leather and some coated and uncoated metals.When printing 9600 Series on polycarbonate for insert-mold decorating applications, up to 5% by weight addition of NB72 will provide optimum performance.SUBSTRATES:Untreated polyester, polyester coated surfaces some treated or top coated polyester films and polycarbonate.

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