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Nazdar 9731 Retarder - 1GL
Manufacturer Item: 9731
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Nazdar 9731 Retarder is an ink additive for 9700 Series All Purpose Screen Ink. Use Nazdar 9731 Retarder  to reduce the viscosity of these inks. Add up to 20% by weight. 9700 screen ink is a high gloss, solvent-based screen ink formulated to perform on a wide variety of substrates, such as paper, card stock, polystyrene, vinyl, Tyvek® , coated polyester, rigid vinyl, acrylic and many synthetic paper stocks. 9700 Series is for indoor and outdoor POP advertising and display applications.


Use Nazdar 9731 Retarder to reduce the viscosity 9700 or 8800 inks. Add up to 20% by weight. Most Nazdar screen inks can be modified with thinners, retarders, flattening paste, reducers, or clear bases. Before adding any of these products, please refer to the specific ink technical data sheet for additive proportion instructions.

Working Instructions:

Add only enough ink to the screen to be able to print for 5-10 minutes. Add additional ink in small increments throughout the print run to maintain screen stability. Thoroughly mix the inks prior to printing. Maintain ink temperatures at 65° -90° F (18° -32°C) for optimum print drying performance. Lower temperatures increase the ink viscosity, impairing both flow and drying. Do not over add Nazdar 9731 Retarder  as this will result in blockage. Elevated temperatures lower the ink viscosity, reducing print definition, film thickness and opacity. Pretest to determine optimum printing performance for a particular set of ink, substrate, screen, press, and drying variables/conditions. 9700 Series ink will air dry in 15-20 minutes at normal room temperature. Force drying is achieved in 40-60 seconds at 90°-150°F (32?-66°C). It is important to have good air flow to help remove solvents and accelerate drying. If the temperature is too high without good air flow, blocking may occur when the sheets are stacked warm.

Recommended Uses For Nazdar 9731 Retarder:

  • 9700 Inks

  • 8800

Adhesion Testing:

Adhesion should always be tested as adhesion depends upon curing conditions, age and manufacturer of the substrate. Adhesion may be improved when the substrate is cleaned with a suitable solvent such as isopropanol.

  • Touch of ink surface – the ink should be dry.

  • Thumb twist – the ink surface should not mar or smudge.

  • Scratch surface – the ink surface should resist scratching.

  • Cross hatch tape test – use a cross hatch tool or a sharp knife to cut through ink film only; then apply 3M #600 clear tape on cut area, rub down, wait for 1 minute and rip off at a 180 degree angle. Ink should only come off in actual cut areas.


Store closed containers of Nazdar 9731 Retarder  at temperatures between 65°-78°F (18°-25°C). Ink taken from the press should not be returned to the original container; store separately to avoid contaminating unused ink.


Cleanup of Nazdar 9731 Retarder:

  • Screen Wash (Prior to Reclaim): Use IMS201 Premium Graphic Screen Wash

  • Press Wash (On Press): Use IMS301 Premium Graphic Press Wash

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