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Nazdar NB80 Adhesion Promoter - 1QT
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Nazdar NB80 Adhesion Promoter is an adhesion promoter that may be added to certain Nazdar inks to improve adhesion to plastics and some coated metals. To achieve optimum adhesion results on polyolefins, i.e. corrugated polypropylene; it is recommended that the surface tension test above 44 dynes/cm.


Nazdar NB80 Adhesion Promoter is an ink additive for Plastic Plus, 8400 9600, 9700, and all Nazdar UV curable inks. This product works to improve adhesion to plastics and some coated metals. For use with solvent based inks add up to 10% by weight and mix thoroughly. For use with UV inks add up to 5% by weight and mix thoroughly. Refer to each ink series technical data sheet for specific recommendation. All personnel mixing and handling this product must wear gloves and eye protection. Clean up spills immediately. If product does come in contact with skin, wipe ink off with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth (do not use solvent or thinner). Wash the affected area with soap and water. Consult the NB80 Material Safety Data Sheet for further instructions and warnings.

Working Instructions:

Pot life of ink/catalyst mixture is dependent on the amount of NB80 used. UV inks with 5% NB80, and solvent inks with 10% NB80 have an expected pot life of 6 – 8 hours. Halftone inks will have a shorter pot life, normally 2 – 3 hours. Refer to each ink system’s technical data sheet for recommended cure parameters

Recommended Uses For Nazdar CARE53 Gel Retarder:

  • 9700 Inks

  • 9600 Inks

  • Plastic Plus

  • 8400

  • All Nazdar UV Curable Inks


Nazdar NB80 Adhesion Promoter reacts with moisture and temperature. Store tightly covered at temperatures between 65° -90° F (18° -32° C). Mix only enough ink that is needed for the day’s production run. Ink taken from the press should not be returned to the original container; store separately to avoid contaminating unused ink.

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