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Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frame - 125 Mesh - 23 X 31 in - 1 3/8 in Profile
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This screen is the Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frame. It features 125 mesh, is 23 X 31 in, and has a 1 3/8 in Profile. This screen features 125 threads per inch. Comprised of 6063T5 welded aluminum alloy, each Nortech Frame ground smooth for flatness and is cut to ensure watertight sealing. Frame profiles range from 1” X 1” To 1-3/4” X 4”. Frames can have a wall thickness of either 1/16” or 1/8” and a size range of 3” X 3” up to 14’ X 14’. With mesh count ranging from 24 tpi to 420 tpi, we can provide any standard or customized screen to meet the needs of any screen printing shop.


The Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frame is the top choice of screen type due to its ability to keep up with fast production and withstand a range of chemicals and conditions. It’s no wonder why this screen type is the number one choice for shops all over the world. These screens are highly resistant to solvent absorption and their metal construction prevents them from warping. They can be customized with additional gluing options for added strength and chemical resistance. Each screen is constructed from recycled and recyclable aluminum satisfying both ecological and economic interests. They are produced right here in the USA.

Working Instructions:

The Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frame - 125 Mesh - 23 X 31 is the perfect choice for t-shirt screen printing. These aluminum frames are the best option for your screen printing shop.

Product Characteristics of Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frame - 125 Mesh - 23 X 31 in:

  • Mesh Count: 125

  • Size: 23 x 31

  • Color: White

  • Profile: 1 ? in

Custom Frames:

Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frames can be custom ordered to nearly specification or size. If your shop needs a custom dimension screen or one including specific adhesions or mesh count, contact us and we can have your custom screen assembled and shipped.

Mesh Adhesion Options:

The Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frame can be glued by means of two primary methods. There are also two additional options should your shop require screens with added strength for chemical resistance. Alternate glue types may result in extended mesh performance.

  • Cyanoacrylate Glue: A super high strength gluing option. This glue has a high tensile strength and will stand the test of time on both manual and automatic presses. It is resistant to most chemicals.

  • Two-part polyurethane: This product is applied with a multi-layer process to ensure a strong bond to the frame for extended performance. Also referred to as “Red Glue” it is the next level in both strength and chemical resistance. This catalyzed adhesive is resistant to all chemicals commonly used in the screen printing industry.

  • Permanent Block Out: This glue eliminates the need for temporary block-out on the frame and can be used in place of or with screen tape to prevent ink leakage. It is composed of the same material as Red Glue giving it the same strength and durability while blocking a   border around the edge of the mesh inside the frame.

  • Screen Boss: This glue is applied to the inside edge of the mesh where it meets the frame and creates a virtually indestructible bond between mesh and frame for premium resistance to chemical degradation and increased frame life. It is the most advanced addition to any glued frame due to its super-strength bond.

Additional Available Mesh Counts:

  • 83 / 100 White

  • 110 / 80 White

  • 110 / 80 Yellow

  • 123 / 70 White

  • 137 / 64 White

  • 156 / 64 White

  • 156 / 64 Yellow

  • 180 / 55 White

  • 180 / 55 Yellow

  • 195 / 55 Yellow

  • 230 / 48 Yellow

  • 255 / 40 Yellow

  • 280 / 40 Yellow

  • 305 / 34 Yellow

  • 305 / 40 Yellow

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