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Albatross #1096 Brush Tack Water-Based Pallet Adhesive
Manufacturer Item: 1096
Quantity Available: 54 GL
Sell Price: $57.66 GL
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 Extended Descriptions
ALBATROSS BRUSH-TAC water-based pallet adhesive is formulated for brush or card on application. It is more viscous than standard water-based bulk adhesives for easier better controlled applications. Doing a lot of flashing? Brush-Tac holds up extremely well to multiple flashes. With a fast set-up time and long durability (some printers can print all day with a single application), Albatross Brush-Tac keeps your press clean and your adhesive costs down. Brush-Tac can also be re-activated with a spray bottle of water further reducing your costs.


The Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac Water-Based Pallet Adhesive is designed for brush-on application. Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac’s viscosity is greater than your standard water-based adhesives, which allows for an easier, better-controlled application process. It has a fast dry-time with long-lasting tack, making it perfect for printers who do not want to spray on a pallet adhesive,


  • Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac is the most economical option to tack textiles to pallets.

  • There is no solvent, no VOC’s & no odors when using the Albatross Brush-Tac.

  • The Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac includes no aerosol adhesive mess.

  • The Albatross #1096 Brush-tac’s tack is re-activated with water.

  • Contains no propellant, no CO2, and no greenhouse gases.

  • Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac is non-flammable, non-V.O.C. and non-toxic.

  • Holds up extremely well to multiple flashes, has a fast set-up time and long durability.


Open and handle Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac with care. You must ensure that there is good ventilation/exhaustion at your current area or workplace before use. All of this will prevent formation of aerosols when using the Albatross #1096  Brush Tac. There are no special measures required for protection against explosions and fires.

When applying Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac you can either brush or “card” it. Remember that it is more viscous than most water-based bulk adhesives. This makes it easier to control during the application process. You can also re-active Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac with a spray bottle of water, which can help cut down on costs.


For the Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac in the regards of waste treatment methods it is recommended that you must specifically treat the adhering to official regulations. For uncleaned packaging it is recommended to dispose of the Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac in regards to the official regulations as well.


The conditions necessary for safe storage are as follows for the Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac:

Store above 40F in any storeroom and receptacles. Make sure to store the Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac away from oxidizing agents within one common storage facility. Always be sure to keep the receptacle tightly sealed in order to protect the product from freezing.

There is no specific end date where the Albatross #1096 Brush-Tac will be unusable.

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10 Garston-East Hartford 15 GL
20 Garston-Haverhill 39 GL
30 Garston-Rochester 0 GL

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