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Albatross #1096 Brush Tack Water-Based Pallet Adhesive
Manufacturer Item: 1096
Quantity Available: 38 GL
Sell Price: $57.66 GL
Next Quantity Break: 0
Next Quantity Break Discount: $0.00
Extended Price: $57.66

 Extended Descriptions
ALBATROSS BRUSH-TAC water-based pallet adhesive is formulated for brush or card on application. It is more viscous than standard water-based bulk adhesives for easier better controlled applications. Doing a lot of flashing? Brush-Tac holds up extremely well to multiple flashes. With a fast set-up time and long durability (some printers can print all day with a single application), Albatross Brush-Tac keeps your press clean and your adhesive costs down. Brush-Tac can also be re-activated with a spray bottle of water further reducing your costs.

Warehouse Description Quantity Avail
10 Garston-East Hartford 6 GL
20 Garston-Haverhill 32 GL
30 Garston-Rochester 0 GL

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