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Sefar 301A Frame Adhesive - 1 GL
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Quantity Available: 2 GL
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Sefar 301A is a clear, two-part, medium viscosity adhesive for mesh counts that are up to 305 per inch. When properly sealed, Sefar 301A comes with a pot life of 24 hours and cures between 5-15 minutes depending on adhesive/mesh thickness.


  • Sefar 301A has a characteristic solvent odor

  • The physical state of the Sefar 301A is a liquid

  • Sefar 301A’s vapor density is heavier than air

  • Vapor pressure is 176.3 mmHg( at 20 °C)

  • The boiling range of the Sefar 301A is 56 to 79 °C, 133 to 175 °F


Prior to the transfer of material of Sefar 301A, ground or bond all metal containers. Be sure to keep Sefar 301A away from heat, sparks or open flame. Sefar 301A is mainly used for industrial use, and you should always avoid contact with your eyes or skin when using this product.

After handling Sefar 301A, wash your hands thoroughly; especially before eating, drinking, smoking or using any restroom facilities. Avoid breathing vapors or mists of Sefar 301A and always use the adhesive with adequate ventilation.

Empty Container Precaution:

Due to residuals present, the containers of the Sefar 301A may be hazardous when empty. Make sure to keep it away from heat, sparks, flames or sources of ignition. Please do not cut, drill, puncture, weld or grind on or near full, partially full, or empty product containers.

Accidental Release Measures:

In the case of accidental release of Sefar 301A, isolate the spill area. Be sure to wear protective clothing and equipment during the clean up process as well. It is important to eliminate all sources of ignition, but note that vapor is heavier than air, so be aware of your surroundings.


Be sure to store Sefar 301A away from heat, open flame, or other sources of ignition. When in storage, also keep Sefar 301A away from direct sunlight; the container should be in a well-ventilated area. Keep the lid to your Sefar 301A tightly closed and stored away from oxidizing agents and acids.

Containment Procedures (Small Releases):

In the case of small releases of Sefar 301A, eliminate all sources of ignition. Use sand, earth, vermiculite or industrial absorbent material to absorb all of the spill. Then, carefully, transfer to approved hazardous waste storage container and cover it.


When disposing the Sefar 301A, be sure to follow in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. The user is responsible for proper waste identifications, transportations and disposal based upon the characteristics supplied as received. However, any processing, use or contamination of Sefar 301A invalidates this information.

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10 Garston-East Hartford 2 GL
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