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Ulano Blue Screen Filler No. 60 - 1 GL
Manufacturer Item: G60
Quantity Available: 41 GL
Sell Price: $37.25 GL
Next Quantity Break: 0
Next Quantity Break Discount: $0.00
Extended Price: $37.25

 Extended Descriptions
A water-soluble screen filler with drying characteristics similar to Indirect Films.Can be used full strength for touch-ups or thinned with water if desired. Can be used in unventilated rooms since it contains no organic solvents. Recommended for use on all mesh, with all stencil systems. Use only with non-aqueous inks.

Warehouse Description Quantity Avail
10 Garston-East Hartford 22 GL
20 Garston-Haverhill 19 GL
30 Garston-Rochester 0 GL

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