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Ulano CDF Lexar 20 Photopolymer Capillary Film - 5.5 in X 5.5 in - 100 Sheets
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Ulano CDF Lexar 20 is a SBQ capillary film suited for flat-stock graphics, plastisols for textiles, POP displays, computer-to-screen (CTS), containers, printable adhesives, and advertising specialties.


  • Red Film coated on a matte-surface polyester

  • Ulano CDF Lexar 20 is used for mesh counts of 120-165 threads/cm

  • Minimizes hydrostatic attraction to printing stock in high humidity conditions

  • Minimizes electrostatic attraction in low humidity conditions


When you are ready to use Ulano CDF Lexar 20, be sure to remove the backing sheet. It acts as a dirt and dust protector during the drying and storage process. The backing sheet on your Ulano CDF Lexar 20 must be removed immediately before exposing your stencil.

Mesh Preparation:

If you are using a fabric that has already been used or surface-treated, the only degreasing necessary is Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 or dilute Screen Degreaser Concentrate No. 33, or Magic Mesh Prep. If you are working with an untreated fabric mechanical abrasion is an option, as long as you treat with Use Microgrit No. 2 before degreasing, and then abrading and degreasing can be combined in one step with Ulanogel 23. Next use water to thoroughly rinse the fabric.  Then promote uniform water retention using Magic Mesh Prep or CDF Mesh Prep No. 25.

Coating Procedure:

There are two methods that you can use when coating with Ulano CDF Lexar 20.

Standard Method

With the emulsion side facing up, position a sheet of Ulano CDF Lexar 20 on a flat surface. Place the printing side of a wet screen on top of the film. You will notice the film darken when it is wet. Make a single squeegee stroke over the squeegee side. Wipe away excess water.

Roll Down

Cut your Ulano CDF Lexar 20 to size, and roll it (emulsion side out), around a plastic tube (2.5 x 4 cm in diameter). Soak the fabric from the squeegee side. Make contact between the edge of the roll and the top of the screen, on the printing side of the mesh, then unwind the roll over the mesh. Remove excess water with one light squeegee stroke over the squeegee side.


Thoroughly dry the screen you have coated with Ulano CDF Lexar 20 at room temperature.  Use a dehumidifier if possible, in the drying area. You can use a fan to speed the drying process. Dry in a dust and dirt free environment. If drying in humid conditions, dry the screen in a commercial dryer, with warm, filtered air, using temperatures less than 38?.  Remove the backing immediately before exposure.


Base Exposure Times at 4 inches (10 cm.) using unfiltered black light tubes. For "cool white" or "daylight" tubes, use at least double the exposure time. Exposure times vary based on the light source:

Carbon Arc:

  • 110 amps: 51 sec.

Metal Halide

  • 2000 watts: 38 sec.

  • 3000 watts: 26 sec.

  • 4000 watts: 19 sec.

  • 5000 watts: 15 sec.

  • 7000 watts: 11 sec.

Pulsed Xenon

  • 2000 watts: 3 ½ min.

  • 8000 watts: 1 min.

Mercury Vapor

  • 2000 watts: 51 sec.

Fluorescent Tubes

  • 40 watts: 3 ¾ min,


Use a gentle cold water spray to wet both sides of the screen.  Then use a forceful spray, on the printing side, until the image areas become clear.  Use a gentle spray to rinse both sides of the screen. Rinse until there is no soft emulsion remaining on the squeegee side, and there are no bubbles or foam.  Blot away excess water, from the printing side, using newspring. Dry the screen.


To reclaim when  using CDF Lexar-20, begin by removing all ink, using All-Purpose Ink Wash, or another appropriate solvent.   Use water to rinse the screen. Degrease by using Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3, which will remove ink and solvent residues.  Use a forceful water spray, to rinse the screen. Brush Stencil Remover Liquid No. 4 or Stencil Remover Paste No. 5 onto both sides of the screen.  Be sure that stencil remover does not remain on your screen for more than 5 minutes. Stencil remover can cause permanent damage to your screen if it is left on too long, or dries on the screen.  Use a gentle spray of water to rinse off the stencil remover, followed by a forceful spray of water. Remove all ink residues by using Walk Away Haze Remover or Haze Remover Paste No. 78.


Keep unused or unexposed sheets and rolls in cool, dark and dry conditions. Shelf life for on used Ulano CDF Lexar 20 is up to 18 months. Unexposed Ulano CDF Lexar 20  can be stored for up to one month. However, when not stored at proper conditions the useful life can decrease. Humid or hot environments can decrease the life of Ulano CDF Lexar 20.  Proper storage conditions are:

  • Temperatures between  65-75º degrees F (19-24º C)

  • 40% to 60% relative humidity

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