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Ulano Orange Direct Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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 Extended Descriptions

Ulano Orange is the ideal polymer textile emulsion for imprinting sportswear. Its high viscosity improves control when coating, and makes it a great choice for printing on coarse mesh. The high-contrast of Ulano Orange “masks” halation and light scattering, improving resolution. Ulano Orange also resists plastisols, most washup solvents and some water-based inks, which makes it easier to reclaim by hand or by automatic stencil removal equipment.


  • Fast-exposing SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion

  • High Viscosity: 6,000 - 8,000 centipoise

  • High Solid Content: 44 - 46%

  • Resists plastisols, most washup solvents and some water-based inks

  • Fast Exposure speed


Ulano Orange should only be used under yellow safe lights.


Ulano Orange comes fully presensitized. There is no need to add an additional sensitizer.

Mesh Preparation:

Degrease used or surface-treated fabric by using UlanoGel No. 23 Fabric Abrader and Degreaser, or Autotype Universal Mesh Prep (promotes uniform coating and provides an antistatic treatment).

Coating Procedure:

There are three methods to coating Ulano Orange.

  • Method 1: Apply one coat of emulsion on printing side, one coat on the squeegee side, then dry the screen thoroughly.

  • Method 2: Apply two coats of emulsion to the printing side and two coats to the squeegee side. After each coating, rotate your screen 180°.

  • Method 3: Follow Method 2, then after drying the screen apply two more coats on the printing side.


Dry multi-coated screens horizontally with the printing side down, in a clean, room temperature space. A fan can be used for speed drying or dry the coated screens in a commercial dryer, with filtered air up to 104°F. (40°C.). It’s suggested to dehumidify the drying area if possible.


Exposure time for your screens will be based off of the light source, wattage and coating method you’ve chosen (See above in the Coating Procedure Section). Exposure time for the Ulano Orange are in reference to 305 threads/in. (120/cm) white polyester or nylon at 40in. (100cm) exposure distance.

Carbon Arc

  • 15 amps: 82 sec (Coating Method 1), 4 min (Coating Method 2), 5 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 30 amps: 41 sec (Coating Method 1), 2 min (Coating Method 2), 3 min (Coating method 3)

  • 40 amps; 31 sec (Coating Method 1), 1 ½ min (Coating Method 2), 2 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 60 amps: 21 sec (Coating Method 1), 1 min (Coating Method 2), 80 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 110 amps: 11 sec (Coating Method 1), 35 min (Coating Method 2), 45 sec (Coating Method 3)

Metal Halide

  • 1000 watts: 20 sec (Coating Method 1), 50 sec (Coating Method 2), 70 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 10 sec (Coating Method 1), 26 sec (Coating Method 2), 35 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 3000 watts: 6 sec (Coating Method 1), 17 sec (Coating Method 2), 22 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 5 sec (Coating Method 1), 13 sec (Coating Method 2), 17 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 50000 watts: 4 sec (Coating Method 1), 11 sec (Coating Method 2), 14 sec (Coating Method 3)

Pulsed Xenon

  • 2000 watts: 45 sec (Coating Method 1), 2 ½  min (Coating Method 2), 3 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 5000 watts: 20 sec (Coating Method 1), 1 min (Coating Method 2), 1 ¼  min (Coating Method 3)

  • 8000 watts: 12 sec (Coating Method 1), 35 sec (Coating Method 2), 47 sec (Coating Method 3)

Mercury Vapor

  • 125 watts: 3 ½ min (Coating Method 1), 8 ½ min (Coating Method 2), 12 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 1000 watts: 25 sec (Coating Method 1), 70 sec (Coating Method 2), 1 ½ min (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 12 sec (Coating Method 1), 35 sec (Coating Method 2), 45 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 6 sec (Coating Method 1), 17 sec (Coating Method 2), 22 sec (Coating Method 3)

Fluorescent Tubes

  • 40 watts: 1 min (Coating Method 1), 2 ½ min (Coating Method 2), 4 ½ min (Coating Method 3)


Using a gentle cold water spray, wet both sides of your screen. Then, spray the printing side until you clear the image area. Rinse both sides with a gentle spray to remove all foam, bubbles and soft emulsion on the squeegee side. Remove excess water from the printing side by blotting with unprinted newspaper stock.


Use the least powerful ink diluent necessary to remove all ink and solvent residue on the screen. Residue may impair action of the stencil remover. Do not let stencil remover dry on the screen. Wash the screen with forceful water spray. Use Chemical Consultants H/C-100 Haze Remover to remove all ink and haze residue.

Your Ulano Orange Emulsion should be kept in a cool dry area for optimal use.  

Extending the Life of Your Emulsion

  • Keep your Ulano Orange away from heat sources, and store it away in a cool area. Temperature and humidity are two huge factors in the breaking down of emulsion.

  • Make sure the lid on your Ulano Orange is tight. This will reduce air and light contaminants.

  • Every time you use your Ulano Orange, add a date to the container. This will help you keep track of its expiration date.

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