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Ulano Proclaim Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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Ulano Proclaim is the ideal candidate in regards to general graphics, textile, and industrial applications. It is a diazo-photopolymer (dual-care) emulsion that has been specifically formulated to provide unequal exposure latitude and de-coating ease. The high solids content within Ulano Proclaim allows for good and strong stencil build per coat, excellent mesh bridging, and fast drying results.


  • Diazo-photopolymer emulsion

  • High solids content: 37% unsensitized

  • Good coating properties and durability; resistant to solvent-based inks and water-based UV-cured inks

  • Light blue in color, turns light green when sensitized


Ulano Proclaim should only be applied and handled under yellow safe lights.


Ulano Proclaim is partially sensitized, so it must be treated before use. To start you will dissolve a diazo sensitive powder with lukewarm water and shake - bubbles are expected to form, but wait for them to disperse (About 15 minutes). Add the fully dissolved sensitizer into your Ulano Proclaim. Use a clean, flat plastic or stainless steel tool to stir until the color is balanced throughout. Close the container, and wait approximately one hour for your Ulano Proclaim to de-bubble. When sensitized, it will change to a light green color.

Mesh Preparation:

Degrease any used or surface-treated fabric with any screen degreaser including Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 or dilute Screen Degreaser Concentrate No. 33. For new, untreated surfaces, you can use mechanical roughening. This will increase your chances of a better mechanical bond of the stencil, giving you a longer printing run.

Coating Procedure:

There are three different methods we recommend when applying the emulsion coating. The number of coats and dry time will produce different results.

  • Method One: Apply one coat of emulsion to both the printing and squeegee side. Dry the screen thoroughly.

  • Method Two: Apply two coats to both the printing and squeegee side, wet-on-wet. After each coating rotate the screen 180°. Dry the screen thoroughly.

  • Method Three: Follow the steps in Method Two, but after drying the screen, apply two additional coats on the printing side. Dry the screen again, this optimizes the definition of printed edges.


When drying the multi-coated screens place them in a horizontal position, printing side down at room temperature. If you wish to accelerate the drying process you may use a fan. It’s also important to make sure the drying conditions are humidity free. If humid conditions are inevitable, dry the coated screen with warm, filtered air up to 104° F (40° C) in a commercial dryer. Regardless of where or how you dry your products, make sure the area is dirt and dust free.


Exposure time depends on the light source, wattage and which method you use for coating your screen (see methods above in Coating Procedure). Exposure times below for Ulano Proclaim reference 305 threads/in. (120/cm) white polyester or nylon at 40 in. (100 cm.) exposure distance.

Carbon Arc

  • 15 amps: 232 sec (Coating Method 1), 11.5 sec (Coating Method 2), 15.5 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 30 amps: 116 sec (Coating Method 1), 348 sec (Coating Method 2), 464 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 40 amps: 87 sec (Coating Method 1), 261 sec (Coating Method 2), 348 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 60 amps: 58 sec (Coating Method 1), 174 sec (Coating Method 2), 232 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 110 amps: 32 sec (Coating Method 1), 95 sec (Coating Method 2), 127 sec (Coating Method 3)

Metal Halide

  • 1000 watts: 50 sec (Coating Method 1), 145 sec (Coating Method 2), 190 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 25 sec (Coating Method 1), 73 sec (Coating Method 2), 95 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 3000 watts: 17 sec (Coating Method 1), 48 sec (Coating Method 2), 63 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 13 sec (Coating Method 1), 36 sec (Coating Method 2), 48 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 50000 watts: 10 sec (Coating Method 1), 29 sec (Coating Method 2), 38 sec (Coating Method 3)

Pulsed Xenon

  • 2000 watts: 136 sec (Coating Method 1), 404 sec (Coating Method 2), 548 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 5000 watts: 55 sec (Coating Method 1), 162 sec (Coating Method 2), 220 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 8000 watts: 34 sec (Coating Method 1), 101 sec (Coating Method 2), 137 sec (Coating Method 3)

Mercury Vapor

  • 125 watts: 9 min (Coating Method 1), 26.5 min (Coating Method 2)

  • 1000 watts: 66 sec (Coating Method 1), 198 sec (Coating Method 2), 266 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 33 sec (Coating Method 1), 99 sec (Coating Method 2), 133 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 17 sec (Coating Method 1), 50 sec (Coating Method 2), 67 sec (Coating Method 3)

Fluorescent Tubes

  • 40 watts: 4 min (Coating Method 1), 10 min (Coating Method 2)


Wet both sides of the screen with a gentle spray of cold water. Then spray the printing side until the image areas clear. Rinse both sides until no soft emulsion is left on the squeegee side, and no foam or bubbles remain. Blot excess water from the printing side with unprinted newspaper stock.


To reuse your screens, you need to remove any leftover ink by using a solvent or solvent blend by the ink manufacturer. You can use Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 for ink removal, but do not let a stencil remover dry on the screen. Remove any ink or haze residues with Ulano Haze Remover No. 78 or Ghost Remover.


Both unsensitized and sensitized Ulano Proclaim should be kept in dry cool rooms. If you have an unsensitized Ulano Proclaim, it can be kept up to a year. Sensitized Ulano Proclaim will last approximately four to six weeks and should be kept at 20-25°C.

Coated screens have a shorter shelf life of up to four weeks. Due to sensitivity, these screens should be kept in total darkness and at a cool temperature of 20-25°C. It’s also important to note that when coated screens are put into storage the emulsion can absorb moisture from the air. We recommend another drying prior to the exposure.

Extend the Life of Your Emulsion

  • Keep Ulano Proclaim in a cool, dry area for storage.

  • Refrain from exposing your Ulano Proclaim to humidity, seeing that it can breakdown the components, rendering it useless.

  • Keep track of every time you use your Proclaim Emulsion. This will help you determine how often you use it and how long it will last.

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