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Ulano Proclaim Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
Manufacturer Item: 1GUFPROCLAIM
Quantity Available: 33 GL
Sell Price: $58.51 GL
Next Quantity Break: 0
Next Quantity Break Discount: $0.00
Extended Price: $58.51

 Extended Descriptions
Proclaim, a diazo-photopolymer (dual-cure) emulsion formulated to provide unequalled exposure latitude and ease of decoating, even if underexposed and used with aggressive inks and washup solvents. If youre having reclaiming problems, this is the way to go! Proclaim is multi-purpose, fast exposing, and provides superb resolution and acutance.

Warehouse Description Quantity Avail
10 Garston-East Hartford 5 GL
20 Garston-Haverhill 28 GL
30 Garston-Rochester 0 GL

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