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Ulano QTX Direct Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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Ulano QTX is expertly created and able to be printed on sportswear effortlessly due to its prominent solids content. This causes seamless coating ability, greater mesh bridging on rough fabrics,  and quicker drying time. Ulano QTX is a superior product that is ready to use straight out of the container and an ultra-fast-exposing SBQ-photopolymer emulsion.


  • Pink Direct Emulsion

  • Average 46% solids content

  • Best for Low UV Energy Lamps

  • Not water resistant

  • Can last over a year in proper storage

Ulano QTX should only be used under yellow safe light conditions.


No sensitizer needs to be added to QTX as this product comes presensitized.

Mesh Preparation:

Used or surface treated fabrics only need to be degreased. New mesh that is not already surface treated, can undergo a new option: mechanical abrasion. This option increases the surface area of the mesh allowing a better mechanical bond of the stencil. For a degreaser and antistatic treatment all-in-one, use the Magic Mesh Prep, which also helps with flow of ink during the screen printing process.

Coating Procedure

There are three different methods we recommend when applying the emulsion coating. The number of coats and dry time will produce different results.

  • Method One: Apply one coat of emulsion on the printing side, then one coat on the squeegee side. Dry the screen thoroughly.

  • Method Two: Apply two coats on the printing side, then two coats on the squeegee side. After each coating, rotate the screen 180°.

  • Method Three: Follow Method Two (above). Then, after drying the screen, apply two additional coats on the printing side.


When drying multi-coated screens place them in a horizontal position, printing side down at room temperature. If you wish to accelerate the drying process you may use a fan. If you chose to use a commercial dryer, dry the screen with warm, filtered air, of up to 104° F.


Exposure time depends on the light source, wattage and method in which you choose to coat your screens (see methods above in Coating Procedure). Exposure times below can be used for Ulano QTX in reference to 305 threads/in. (120/cm) white polyester or nylon at 40 in. (100 cm.) exposure distance.

Carbon Arc

  • 110 amps: 13 sec (Coating Method 1), 40 sec (Coating Method 2), 54 sec (Coating Method 3)

Metal Halide

  • 2000 watts: 11 sec (Coating Method 1), 30 sec (Coating Method 2), 41 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 3000 watts: 7 sec (Coating Method 1), 20 sec (Coating Method 2), 26 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 5 sec (Coating Method 1), 15 sec (Coating Method 2), 20 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 50000 watts: 4 sec (Coating Method 1), 12 sec (Coating Method 2), 16 sec (Coating Method 3)

Pulsed Xenon

  • 2000 watts: 55 sec (Coating Method 1), 165 sec (Coating Method 2), 220 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 8000 watts: 14 sec (Coating Method 1), 41 sec (Coating Method 2), 55 sec (Coating Method 3)

Mercury Vapor

  • 2000 watts: 14 sec (Coating Method 1), 41 sec (Coating Method 2), 53 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 7 sec (Coating Method 1), 20 sec (Coating Method 2), 26 sec (Coating Method 3)

Fluorescent Tubes

  • 40 watts: 72 sec (Coating Method 1), 180 sec (Coating Method 2), 300 sec (Coating Method 3)


After exposure, gently spray the screen with cold water and wet both sides. You can stop once you see the image areas are clean and clear. Then wash each side of the screen until you cannot see any left over emulsion left, bubbles or foam. Make sure any left over water is delicately removed from the printing side.


To get rid of any extra ink calls for an all-purpose ink wash by the same ink producer. It is vital to apply the LEAST potent ink diluent as powerful solvents can bind Ulano QTX stencils to the mesh. You should use a brush stencil remover liquid/paste on both sides of the screen. The stencil remover should NOT be applied for more than 5 minutes or allowing any drying to happen as it can lead to a permanent stencil. Rinse off any stencil remover you use and stencil with a light splash of water, followed by a powerful spray to remove any excess ink leftovers.


Place your Ulano QTX in a dry and cool are to prevent premature exposure.

Extending the Life of Your Emulsion

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, mainly involving humidity can run down the emulsion. Keep your Ulano QTX in a cool place.

  • Make sure the lid is on tightly and secure on lid on your Ulano QTX to avoid leaks.

  • Keep track of the date of your Ulano QTX to know exactly how many times you used and when it is expected to expire.

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