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Ulano QX-1 SBQ Direct Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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Ulano QX-1 SBQis a ready-to-use, fast-exposing SBQ-dual-cure direct emulsion combining the convenience and shelf life of SBQ with the durability, versatility, and imaging properties of dual-cure emulsion. Formulated for industrial and fine halftone graphics printing with conventional and water-based UV inks, and aggressive, solvent-based inks. Ulano QX-1 SBQ has a matte finish, that virtually eliminates the printing problems usually associated with high and low humidity conditions. Ulano QX-1 SBQ is very easy to reclaim, even if underexposed.


  • Blue-green colored emulsion

  • Made for industrial and fine halftone graphics printing with conventional and water-based UV inks, and aggressive, solvent-based inks, compatible with all plastisol ink systems

  • 37% Solids Content

  • Good durability and wet strength, resistant to problems usually associated with high and low humidity conditions


Ulano QX-1 SBQ should be handled only under yellow safe light conditions.


Ulano QX-1 SBQ is fully presensitized. You do not need to add any sensitizer.

Mesh Preparation:

Used or surface treated fabric should only be degreased using Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 or diluted Ulano Screen Degreaser Concentrate No. 33. If you have an untreated surface, you can try mechanical abrasion. This will help increase the surface area of your mesh for a better mechanical bond with your stencil, which will increase your printing run.

Coating Procedure:

There are three different methods we recommend when applying Ulano QX-1 SBQ. The number of coats and dry time will produce different results.

  • Method One: Apply one coat of emulsion on the printing side, then one coat on the squeegee side. Dry the screen thoroughly

  • Method Two: Apply two coats to both the printing and squeegee side, wet-on-wet. After each coating rotate the screen 180°. Dry the screen thoroughly.

  • Method Three: Follow the steps in Method Two, but after drying the screen, apply two additional coats on the printing side, wet-on-wet.


Dry multi coated screens (Methods 2 or 3) thoroughly in a horizontal position, printing side down.  Dry at room temperature, make sure the drying area is dirt-and-dust-free. To speed drying, use a fan. If using a commercial dryer, dry the screen with warm, filtered air, up to 104° F. (40° C.). If it is possible use a humidifier in the drying area.


Exposure time is dependent on the type of light source you are using, the wattage and which method you are choosing to coat your screen (see above in Coating Procedure Section for more information). Exposure times below for Ulano QX-1 SBQ are used in reference for 120 threads/cm. (305/in.) white polyester or nylon at 100cm. (40 in.) exposure distance.

Carbon Arc

  • 15 amps: 108 sec (Coating Method 1), 324 sec (Coating Method 2), 405 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 30 amps: 54 sec (Coating Method 1), 162 sec (Coating Method 2), 223 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 40 amps: 41 sec (Coating Method 1), 122 sec (Coating Method 2), 162 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 60 amps: 27 sec (Coating Method 1), 81 sec (Coating Method 2), 108 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 110 amps: 14 sec (Coating Method 1), 45 sec (Coating Method 2), 61 sec (Coating Method 3)

Metal Halide

  • 1000 watts: 25 sec (Coating Method 1), 70 sec (Coating Method 2), 93 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 13 sec (Coating Method 1), 35 sec (Coating Method 2), 46 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 3000 watts: 8 sec (Coating Method 1), 23 sec (Coating Method 2), 30 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 6 sec (Coating Method 1), 18 sec (Coating Method 2), 23 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 50000 watts: 4.5 sec (Coating Method 1), 13.5 sec (Coating Method 2), 18 sec (Coating Method 3)

Pulsed Xenon

  • 2000 watts: 65 sec (Coating Method 1), 190 sec (Coating Method 2), 210 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 5000 watts: 26 sec (Coating Method 1), 76 sec (Coating Method 2), 102 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 8000 watts: 16 sec (Coating Method 1), 48 sec (Coating Method 2), 65 sec (Coating Method 3)

Mercury Vapor

  • 125 watts: 257 sec (Coating Method 1), 675 sec (Coating Method 2), 945 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 1000 watts: 32 sec (Coating Method 1), 93 sec (Coating Method 2), 119 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 16 sec (Coating Method 1), 46 sec (Coating Method 2), 59 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 8 sec (Coating Method 1), 23 sec (Coating Method 2), 30 sec (Coating Method 3)

Fluorescent Tubes

  • 40 watts: 81 sec (Coating Method 1), 203 sec (Coating Method 2), 338 sec (Coating Method 3)


Wet both sides of the screen, by spraying cold water gently after completing the exposure. Spray forcefully from the printing side until the image areas clear. After, use a gentle spray to rinse both sides of the screen until no soft emulsion is left on the squeegee side, and there is no remaining foam or bubbles. Finally, use newsprint to blot excess water from the printing side.


In order to properly reclaim your screens, you must fully remove excess ink. You can do this by using a solvent or solvent based product from the same ink manufacturer you use. Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 can help remove ink and solvent residues that might impair the action of a stencil remover. Brush your stencil remover on both sides of the screen, but do not let it dry.

Wash the screen with a forceful spray of water. Use Haze Remover No. 78 or Ghost Remover with Ghost Remover Activator to remove ink and haze residues.

For proper storage, Ulano QX-1 SBQ should be kept in dry, cool room.

Extending the Life of Your Emulsion

  • Keep your Ulano QX-1 SBQ emulsion in a cool area. Your emulsion will break down more quickly if kept in the heat. It is an option to refrigerate you emulsion (read the instructions on your product before doing so), however do NOT freeze your emulsion, this will render it useless.

  • Keep the lid to your emulsion sealed tight, avoiding air and light leaks

  • Write the date on the container you are storing you are storing your emulsion, each time you store it, so that you can keep track of the last time you’ve used it. Take into consideration temperature and humidity are as they can greatly affect the expiration rate of your emulsion.

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