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Ulano RLX Direct Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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Ulano RLX is a high speed diazo photopolymer direct emulsion for multi-purpose use. Ulano RLX is recommended for imprinted sportswear, P-O-P and advertising specialty printing. This emulsion has a very high solids content, providing better stencil build, excellent bridging of coarse mesh, and faster drying. With impressive coating properties and extreme durability, Ulano RLX is resistant to solvent- and water-based ink systems.


  • Magenta Diazo Direct Emulsion

  • Average 38% solids content

  • Both solvent resistant and water resistant

  • Quick drying and exposure


Ulano RLX must only be handled under yellow safelights to avoid pre-exposure and damage.


Ulano RLX is partially presensitized, therefore the emulsion must be fully sensitized before use. To begin, pour lukewarm water up to the shoulder of the bottle to dissolve the diazo sensitizer powder. Shake well. Wait 15 minutes to allow the bubbles to disperse. After 15 minutes, pour the fully dissolved sensitizer into the emulsion and stir with a broad flat plastic or stainless steel instrument until the emulsion is uniform in color. Close the container and wait at least one hour for the bubbles to disappear.


Mesh Preparation:

For used or surface treated mesh, preparation only entails degreasing with Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3. Alternatively, Ulano Screen Degreaser Concentrate No. 33 may be used as long as it has been diluted.

For new mesh that has not been surface treated, mechanical roughening is an option. This will increase the surface area of the mesh for a better mechanical bond of the stencil, which will increase printing run length. No. 2 Microgrit must be used before degreasing. You may combine roughening and degreasing into one step with Ulanogel 23.

Coating Procedure:

There are three proper methods to coat the screen using Ulano RLX.

  • Method 1: Apply one coat of emulsion to the printing side, then one coat to the squeegee side. Dry the screen completely.

  • Method 2: Apply two coats on the printing side, followed by two coats on the squeegee side. These can be done wet-on-wet. After each coat, rotate the screen 180º F. Dry the screen completely.

  • Method 3: Complete Method 2. After the screen is dry, apply two additional coats on the printing side, wet-on-wet. Dry the screen again. This method optimizes the definition of printed edges.


Dry multicoated screens (Method 2, 3) with Ulano RLX in a horizontal position, with the print side facing down. The screens must be dried in a dirt- and dust-free room temperature area, away from high humidity. You may use a fan to accelerate drying. If under humid conditions, dry the coated screen with warm, filtered air (up to 104º F) in a commercial dryer. If possible, use a dehumidifier in the drying area,


Proper exposure time varies based upon type of light source, its wattage/amperage, and coating method, Exposure times for Ulano RLX were calculated based on 305/inch (120/cm) white mesh at an exposure distance of 40 inches and have been separated by coating method.

Carbon Arc

  • 15 amps: 240 sec (Coating Method 1), 12 min (Coating Method 2), 15 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 30 amps: 120 sec (Coating Method 1), 6 min (Coating Method 2), 8 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 40 amps: 90 sec (Coating Method 1), 270 sec (Coating Method 2), 6 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 60 amps: 60 sec (Coating Method 1), 180 sec (Coating Method 2), 240 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 110 amps: 33 sec (Coating Method 1), 100 sec (Coating Method 2), 135 sec (Coating Method 3)

Metal Halide

  • 1000 watts: 55 sec (Coating Method 1), 155 sec (Coating Method 2), 205 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 28 sec (Coating Method 1), 78 sec (Coating Method 2), 103 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 3000 watts: 18 sec (Coating Method 1), 51 sec (Coating Method 2), 65 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 13 sec (Coating Method 1), 39 sec (Coating Method 2), 51 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 5000 watts: 10 sec (Coating Method 1), 30 sec (Coating Method 2), 39 sec (Coating Method 3)

Pulsed Xenon

  • 2000 watts: 144 sec (Coating Method 1), 7 min (Coating Method 2), 8 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 5000 watts: 58 sec (Coating Method 1), 168 sec (Coating Method 2), 225 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 8000 watts: 29 sec (Coating Method 1), 84 sec (Coating Method 2), 144 sec (Coating Method 3)

Mercury Vapor

  • 250 watts: 285 sec (Coating Method 1), 12.5 min (Coating Method 2), 17.5 min (Coating Method 3)

  • 2000 watts: 36 sec (Coating Method 1), 103 sec (Coating Method 2), 132 sec (Coating Method 3)

  • 4000 watts: 18 sec (Coating Method 1), 51 sec (Coating Method 2), 65 sec (Coating Method 3

Fluorescent Tubes

  • FT 40 watts: 180 sec (Coating Method 1), 7.5 min (Coating Method 2)


To begin the washout process, wet both sides of the screen with a gentle spray of cold water. Then, forcefully spray the printing side until the image is completely clear. Rinse both sides with another gentle spray of cold water until no soft emulsion is left on the squeegee side, and no foam or bubbles remain. Excess water from the printing side may be blotted with newsprint.


To reclaim the screen, remove ink with the appropriate solvent and rinse with water. Degrease the screen with Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 if needed to remove ink residues, and rinse with a forceful spray of water. Next, brush Ulano Stencil Remover Liquid No. 4 or Stencil Remover Paste No. 5 on both sides of the screen. Wash with water and ensure the stencil remover does not dry on the screen. You may use Haze Remover Paste No. 78 or Ghost Remover and Ghost Remover Activator in order to remove ink and haze residues.


Ulano RLX may be stored for up to 1 year if left unsensitized. Sensitized emulsion can be stored at room temperature for 3-6 weeks, or can last up to 3 months in a refrigerator. Coated screens should be stored in cold, dry, dark areas until exposure.

Extending the Life of Your Emulsion:

  • Keep the lid securely tightened to avoid air or light leakage.

  • Store Ulano RLX in a cool, dry, dark, temperature-controlled area.

  • Keep track usage by adding a last-used date to your container.

  • Sensitize your Ulano RX as needed, seeing that sensitizing decreases lifespan.

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