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Wasatch SoftRIP SP Large Format Edition
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Inkjet printers have revolutionized the production of color separations for screen, flexo, and litho printing. Wasatch SoftRIP SP Large Format Edition leads the way with the features you need to be successful with this type of printing. Dont settle for second best - stick with the industry-leading solution for inkjet separations.


Wasatch gives you control over your dot area with a calibration and linearization utility that is compatible with the industry’s major densitometers. Capabilities are included for linearizing film positives or easily converting to negative linearizations for use with flexography processes.

Wasatch SoftRIP SP Large Format Edition Edition Has Intuitive Precision:

Creating films with traditional imagesetting technology requires specific expertise. Wasatch SoftRIP SP Large Format Edition is easy to learn and use, so even beginners with minimal background in film production will produce quality results fast. Advanced users will find all the controls they need to easily apply their expertise with traditional technologies to a digital workflow.

Perfect MoirĂ©–Free Rosettes:

Wasatch SoftRIP SP Large Format Edition has a design that produces perfect center-filled rosettes across the full width of your film using a small or large format digital printer. Our award-winning rosettes and customizable features combine to deliver a perfect inkjet separations tool that will seamlessly fit into your current workflow.

More Tools, More Control With Wasatch SoftRIP SP Large Format Edition:

SoftRIP SP includes capabilities for modifying separations to compensate for the print conditions of the final output device. The Press Curve controls offer the power to linearize the press or to produce other press behaviors. Press Curves allow for two-stage calibrations that are common in pre-press workflows and with a single setting, the pre-defined curves produce inkjet separations for punching contrast or highlights on the press.

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