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Autotype Capillex CX Capillary Stencil Film - 14 in X 22 in - 100 Sheets
Manufacturer Item: XA68248-007
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Capillex CX is great for demanding industrial applications.  It is formulated fine line printing. Capillex CX has a mesh range of 62-100 cm, and gives a low and controlled stencil profile.  Capillex CX creates great print reproductions due to its low profile and optimized Rz. It minimizes thick edge effects which are often seen with attempts at high definition printing on coarse mesh.


  • Green capillary photostencil film

  • Can be used with UV, or solvent-based inks

  • Very low senticil profile: 3-4?

  • Optimized stencil surface

  • Easy washout

  • High resolution and excellent print quality

  • High Durability


Autotype Capillex CX is sold only for the purposes of being used as a capillary photostencil film.

Mesh Preparation:

Before use, abrade all new meshes with Autoprep gel.  Immediately before mounting film degrease mesh, using Universal mesh prep.

Coating Procedure:

When you are ready to use your Capillex CX begin by cutting the film to the desired size and placing it on a dry, flat surface.  Remove dust from the polyester backing film, as it is rolled. Roll the film (emulsion side out) around the plastic tube that is supplied with the Capilicator.  The film should then be placed in the cassette with approximately 2 cm unrolled. Spray the mesh with water, and then wipe away excess water from the screen. Touch the leading edge of the rolled film to the top of the wet vertical screen, and unroll the film down the screen, to adhere it to the mesh.  Use a lightweight squeegee to remove excess moisture from the inside of the screen. Then use an absorbent cloth to wipe moisture from the perimeter of the screen. There are two different methods for coating small screens with Capillex CX:
Method 1

  • Using a raised pad or a mounting board, place the film emulsion side up

  • Adhere the film to the mesh by gently drawing a wet degreased film across the screen.

  • Squeegee off excess water from inside screen and wipe water from perimeter

Method 2

  • Place film on a raised pad, emulsion side up, and place screen on top

  • Use a hand spray water bottle to spray the mesh until the film is completely wet

  • Squeegee off excess water from inside screen and wipe water from perimeter


Dry the screen with cold or warm air at a maximum of 40?.  For the best results, it is important the screen is completely dried.  After the support has been removed continue to dry for a few minutes, to be sure that screen is totally dry.


Put the positive with emulsion in in contact with the stencil, then place in the printing-down frame.  When using Capillex CX it is important to establish the correct exposure level, as light sources may vary in their general spectral output. 5kw Metal Halide at 1.2 metres = 4 mins.


Use a strong water spray, of 45?, to washout the stencil.  Even after the image is clear, continue washing for 1 minute.  After finishing the washout remove excess water using newsprint or washleather, then dry with cold or warm air, at a maximum of 40?.


Using an Autosolve screen wash clean the screen of any residue or ink.  After rinsing the screen thoroughly with water use the Autotype Brush to apply Autostrip to both sides of the mesh, and leave it on for 5-10 minutes while the emulsion softens.  Then brush it over, and rinse it off, using a strong water spray. A high pressure stripper is the most effective removal method, however if that is unavailable, Autosolve can be used to remove any stencil residue and residual ink haze can be removed with Autokleen Pus or Autohaze Extra.


Under ideal conditions Capillex CX can last 18 months.  Film should be stored in the provided protective packaging, and kept in a cool dry place.  Avoid storing film next to radiators. Ideally Capillex CX film should be kept at:

  • 60º to 68º degrees F (15º to 20º C)

  • 45% to 60% relative humidity

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