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Autotype Aspect Quadra Inkjet Ink - Black Cartridge - 220 ML
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Autotype Aspect Quadra Inkjet Ink is ink for usage in the ASpect Quadra RF-640. When used with the RF-640 this 220ml cartridge of ink is capable of producing the best image quality. IN addition, this product is capable of minimal dot gain or loss.


The Aspect Quadra RF-640 film output system uses one modular 8 channel head featuring the most accurate droplet placement of all inkjet printers to date. Quadra RF-640 systems are capable of print widths up to 63.6” (1615mm) See the inside for details. A new automated cartridge monitor system allows for on the fly cartridge switching with no interruptions in production . The Quadra RF features excellent transport and registration accuracy while offering zero cost of ownership for the first two years and warranty extensions out to 5 years. Most importantly, Aspect Quadra Support stands behind every system 100%.

Benefits Of Autotype Aspect Quadra Inkjet Ink:

  • High UV density (DMax 3.5-4.0) for the best image edge quality and minimal dot gain/loss.

  • Minimizes drying time issues, enabling film take up winding, post-print shipping and immediate archiving.

  • Optimum viscosity for the best possible halftone-dot quality when used with the Aspect Quadra Film.

  • Minimizes halftone patterning with harder dot edges.

Cost Elimination:

Autotype Aspect Quadra Inkjet Ink is an excellent value, only $.085 ft/2 (at 50% positive image coverage).

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