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MacDermid Autotype Plus 2000 Emulsion With Sensitizer - 1 Gallon
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MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 is a high quality diazo dual-cure emulsion with effective uses in conventional Screen Printing operations. Fast exposure times makes MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 perfect for large scale printing setups, as well as low powered UV lighting systems. High durability and easy reclaim makes this emulsion model for Billboards and Fleet Marketing. MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 maintains high quality printing with well defined stencil lines while remaining a staple for quick turnout in large scale printing applications.


  • 34% solids for durable stencils

  • Fast exposure and quick reclaim

  • Wide exposure latitude allow for a range of conditions

  • Solvent-based and UV curing ink resistant

  • Simply decoatable


MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 must be handled under a yellow fluorescent tubes or low wattage Tungsten light.


Normally, MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 is supplied in a two part kit: the emulsion itself, and a powder sensitiser in a sachet. Mix the components as directed:

  • Safely open the sachet of diazo provided in the MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 packaging with scissors (for your safety, DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE WITH YOUR TEETH).

  • Next, add the diazo sensitiser DIRECTLY to the emulsion. This is a new form of diazo implementation. Do not dissolve the sensitiser in water or add water.

  • Stir the MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 mixture thoroughly for 2-3 minutes to make sure the sensitiser is fully implemented. Let the emulsion-diazo mixture to de-gas for 15 minutes prior to use.

Mesh Preparation:

It is important to make sure that the mesh you use needs to be completely degreased and contaminant free. Otherwise, MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 application and final product will be compromised. To help you ensure your mesh is properly prepared, Garston offers many degreasers, and haze or ghost removers. These include:

  • MacDermid Autotype CPS Degreaser Concentrate

  • Ulano UlanoGel No. 23 Fabric Abrader and Degreaser

  • Chemical Consultants Enviroclean Natural Citrus-Based Degreaser

Coating Procedure:

Place the desired screen on an edge, away from the operator, and apply MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 as follows:

  • Method 1: Apply 2 coats to the print side of the screen.

  • Method 2: Apply 2 coats to the squeegee side.


Screens coated with MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 should be placed horizontally with the squeegee side up, and then stored in dark or yellow light conditions. Make sure to dry the screen at a temperature no higher than 30? (86?). If more coats are needed, they may be applied to the print side (underside), with intermediate drying.


This part of the process must be handled with care, as, if the exposure is done improperly, the stencil will likely be weakened and less resistant. Make sure to remove any dust from the stencil and then tape positive in position to enures MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 functions correctly . Then place the screen into a vacuum frame for exposure. Exposure times given certain exposure lamps are provided below for your convenience:

  • 2kw metal halide - set at a distance of 120 cm for 3 - 5 minutes

  • 2kw metal halide - set at a distance of 120 cm for 2 - 3 minutes

  • 5kw metal halide - set at a distance of 120 cm for 1 - 2 minutes

  • 125W mercury vapour - set at a distance of 50 cm for 6-8 minutes

  • UV fluorescent tubes - set at a distance of 10 cm for 5 - 7 minutes

  • Thorn Graph X - set at a distance of 120 cm for 4-6 minutes


Use a strong stream of water to spray both sides of the screen. Do so until the stencil is completely clear and clean as desired. Blot excess water with newsprint or leather and dry the screen, again, at no temperature higher than 30º C (86º F).


Use your desired screen cleaner to remove the ink from the screen. Then apply stripper to both sides of the screen, let stand for 5 minutes, and then remove the stencil with a strong jet of water or a high pressure stripper. If any ghosts or images remain, use your desired dehazer.


Both parts of the package, the emulsion and its sensitizer, should be stored between 3º C (37.4º F) and 20º C (68º F). Under these conditions PLUS 2000 has a shelf life of 2 years.

Extending the Life Of Your Emulsion:

  • Be sure to keep MacDermid Autotype PLUS 2000 cool and out of the humidity. This will help to make sure that it lasts its full shelf life.

  • Be sure that each time the product is opened and used, that it is closed properly and maintains an airtight seal.

  • Remember to mix the emulsion gently to ensure all of its components are homogenous.

  • A good tip is to label the container with each date that it has been used to make sure that the contents are still within the shelf life.

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