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MacDermid Autotype Plus 7000 Direct Emulsion With Sensitizer (Blue/Green) (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
Manufacturer Item: XA12369
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Product Description:PLUS 7000 is a very high quality, medium/high solids emulsion that is resistant to both water and solvent based inks.Features:Very high print quality, 34% solids. Deep blue/green colour provides excellent colour contrast without compromising see-through. The diazo dual-cure photochemistry used provides exceptional resistance to solvent based, water based and UV curable inks. The good water resistance also means that PLUS 7000 can be used in areas of high humidity with no softening. Although universally resistant PLUS 7000 can also be decoated using Autostrip.Benefits:Easy and forgiving to use, very good print definition, very tough, can be used with virtually any ink and can be decoated after printing.

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