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MacDermid Autotype Plus 8000 Emulsion With Sensitizer (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 is a high-quality emulsion that has a high solid content. MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 is resistant to a wide variety of water, solvent and co-solvent inks, making it suitable for use with a direct photo stencil for most high quality screen printing applications.


  • 38% solids content

  • Highly resistant to aggressive solvents, UV curing and water-based inks

  • Wide exposure latitude

  • Easily de-coatable

  • Very hard stencil when processed on high tension mesh


MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 should only be handled under either yellow fluorescent tubes or low wattage Tungsten lights. Do not expose MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 to sunlight.


To sensitize MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000, use the sensitiser supplied with the emulsion (if applicable). Mix the two components as follows:

  • Cut the diazo sachet with a pair of scissors, and add the sensitiser directly to the emulsion. (DO NOT OPEN WITH TEETH)

  • Add the powder sensitiser DIRECTLY to your MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000  (DO NOT DISSOLVE THE SENSITISER IN WATER OR ADD ADDITIONAL)

  • Stir for 2-3 minutes to ensure emulsion is completely and evenly sensitized.

  • Allow 15 minutes for the emulsion to de-gas before using MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000.

Mesh Preparation:

Mesh prep for MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 varies slightly depending on the type of material. If using unused polyester or nylon, apply both a Autoprep Gel and a Universal Mesh Prep to the material before use. If you are using a pre-used piece of mesh, apply a Universal Mesh Prep as well as an Auto Degreaser Concentrate to your mesh before use. If you are using MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 on Stainless Steel, add an Auto Degreaser Concentrate to the surface before use. Products needed for mesh prep include:

  • MacDermid Autotype Autoprep Gel

  • MacDermid Autotype Universal Mesh Prep

  • Ulano UlanoGel No. 23 Fabric Abrader and Degreaser

Coating Procedure:

When you are ready to apply MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 emulsion to your screen remember to use a quality coating trough with no nicks or damage, in order to achieve the most consistent result. You can use either of these methods:  

  • Begin coating by applying two coats to the print side of the screen.

  • Apply two coats to the squeegee side of the screen.  

  • You may also add additional face-coats to the print side of the screen with intermediate drying times


To properly dry your newly coated screens with MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000, your screen should be dried horizontally with the squeegee side up. The screen should be kept under dark or yellow light conditions, and at a maximum temperature of 30º C (86º F).


Before exposing your screens, be sure to remove all dust and debris from the surface of the stencil, and tape the stencil positive in position. We recommend using an exposure calculator to determine an accurate exposure time, as well as lamp type needed for the project. Below is are examples of different lamp types when using 90cm (230in) dyed monofilament polyester mesh:

  • 2kw Metal Halide = set at a distance of 120 cm for 3-5 minutes

  • 3kw Metal Halide = set at a distance of 120 cm for 2-3 minutes

  • 5kw Metal Halide = set at a distance of 120 cm for 1-2 minutes

  • 125W mercury vapour = set at a distance of 50 cm for 6-8 minutes

  • UV fluorescent tubes = set at a distance of 10 cm for 5-7 minutes

  • Thorn Graph X = set at a distance of 120 cm for 4-6 minutes


For the washout step, spray the screen from both sides with a strong spray of water. Continue spraying until all parts of the image appear clearly. Blot the excess moisture from the screen with newsprint, and then dry at a maximum temperature of 30º C) (86º F).


To reclaim, start by removing all ink from the screen using a screen cleaner. Next, apply autostrip to both sides of the screen and let stand for 5 minutes. Finally, the stencil can be removed with a strong water jet or a high pressure stripper.


MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 emulsion should be stored in a cool, dry location. The unsensitised MacDermid Autotype PLUS 8000 and sensitiser should be stored between 3º C and 20º C for the optimum shelf life.

Extending the Life Of Your Emulsion:

  • Temperature plays a big role in the components breakdown and expiration date of your emulsion. Be sure to store in a cool dry place and follow the requirements for storage.

  • Make sure to avoid air or light leaks by keeping the lid on the container when in storage.

  • Track of all your uses and add your last used date to the container.

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