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Autotype Capillex CP Capillary Stencil Film - 24 in X 394 in - Roll 
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Autotype Capillex CP is a precision coated, pre-sensitised capillary photo stencil film. This capillary stencil film is specifically formulated for ultra fine halftone and line printing. Autotype Capillex CP is best known for its controlled stencil profile and ability to be used over a wide mesh range (From 120/cm or 305/inch and finer), ideal for optical media and high quality four color graphics. Autotype Capillex CP can be used with conventional UV and solvent based inks, as the films are coated onto a 75µ (3 thou) polyester base.


  • Autotype Capillex CP is a green capillary photostencil film.

  • Able to minimize ink usage through low ink build.

  • Able to create superb dot reproduction through low Rz and high resolution.

  • Autotype Capillex CP quickly exposes, is easy to wash out, is extremely durable and has a low stencil profile.

  • Autotype Capillex CP Capillary is able to reduce the skipping and stacking common when printing fine halftones with UV inks.


Make sure to use Autotype Capillex CP only under yellow safelights. Any exposure to the sun, fluorescent lights and/or incandescents will cause damage to the product.

Mesh Preparation:

To ensure a smooth application for your Autotype Capillex CP, it is always recommended to thoroughly clean your mesh. Ideally, you should remove leftover residual ink or emulsion. Before you begin coating your mesh and using your Autotype Capillex CP, you must dry the screen. Remember that used meshes should be re-abraded after every 5 stencils.

Coating Procedure:

When using Autotype Capillex CP with a large or small screen, use a Caplicator film applicator for the best results. Cut your Autotype Capillex CP to size, and place it on a dry, flat surface. As you roll the film, emulsion side out, leave 2 cm of Autotype Capillex CP unrolled. Afterwards, put your Autotype Capillex CP inside your Caplicator, spray the mesh with water and wipe off extra moisture. Then, put your rolled film to the top of the wet vertical screen and slowly unroll your Autotype Capillex CP down the screen. This step is crucial in adhering your capillary film to the mesh. All mesh sizes should be degreased using Universal Mesh Prep prior to mounting.

For small screens only, you can put your film emulsion onto a raised pad. Then, place a dry, degreased screen on top of it, and spray water until your Autotype Capillex CP is completely wet. Remove excess water with a squeegee.


The screen can be dried with cold or warm air, maximum 30 °C (86 °F). Always make sure to completely dry the screen. When the support is done peeling off, continue drying for a few minutes to ensure the film is completely dry.


When exposing your image, timing is a crucial step. An underexposed image will look weak and lack resistance, resulting in a faded image. For best results with your Autotype Capillex CP, we recommend that you start by removing the dust from the surface of the stencil. Then, tape the positive in position. Place the entire screen in a suitable vacuum frame and expose your image. For best possible results, use an Autotype Exposure Calculator to determine the ideal exposure time.


To wash out your screen, spray both sides of your screen with a strong spray of lukewarm water. Wait a few seconds for the emulsion to soften. Once the print side has been fully opened, rinse both sides and dry. For drying, it is best if you use a cabinet and/or fan.


Always make sure to store your Autotype Capillex CP in a cool and dry area. Keep your capillary film in the protective packaging supplied and kept as close to ideal conditions as possible. Ideal conditions include:

  • 45- 60% humidity

  • 5 to 20 °C (40 to 86 °F)

*On average, under these ideal conditions, the shelf life is 18 months.

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