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Autotype Capillex 35 Capillary Film - 18 in X 394 in - Roll
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Autotype Capillex 35 is perfect for most demanding industrial printing applications. It has high definition, durability, and usability. The green/blue general purpose film is designed for use on medium/coarse mesh counts which makes it particularly good for things like PCB, ceramics, and industrial making.


  • Autotype Capillex 35 is durable and easy to use.

  • Precision-coasted & pre-sensitized.

  • Coated onto a 75µ (3 thou) polyester base.

  • Able to be used in conjunction with solvent or UV-based inks.

  • Capable of making excellently defined prints.

  • Able to work on mesh from a range of 40 to 100/cm (100 to 250/inch).


It’s best to use Autotype Capillex 35 under yellow safelights only. Other light sources such as the sun, fluorescent lights and incandescents will all damage the product.

Mesh Preparation:

You want to make sure your product comes out smoothly. To ensure that, always start using your Autotype Capillex 35 by cleaning your mesh of any chemistry, residual inks or dirt and dust. Ideally, you should remove leftover residual ink or emulsion. Before you begin coating Autotype Capillex 35 with emulsion, you must dry the screen. Remember that used meshes should be re-abraded after every 5 stencils.

Coating Procedure:

When using Autotype Capillex 35 with a large or small screen, use a Caplicator film applicator to receive the best results. Cut your film to size, and place it on a dry, flat surface. We recommend using the Autotype Anti-Static duster to remove dust from the polyester as the film is rolled, emulsion side out. Make sure to leave 2 cm of Autotype Capillex 35 unrolled. Afterwards, put your Autotype Capillex 35 inside the Caplicator, spray the mesh with water and wipe off any excess. Then, put your rolled film to the top of the wet vertical screen and slowly unroll your Autotype Capillex 35 down the screen. This will help adhere the capillary film to the screen.

If you only your small screens in your shop, first put the film emulsion onto a raised pad. Lay a dry, degreased screen on top of it, and spray water until your Autotype Capillex 35 is wet. To remove excess water, use a squeegee and completely dry your screen afterwards.


The screen can be dried with cold or warm air, at a maximum temperature of 30 °C (86 °F). It is important to dry the screen properly for optimal results. After the support peels off, continue drying for a few minutes to ensure the film is completely dry


When exposing your image, timing will always be crucial. If an image is underexposed, it will look weak and fade away quickly. For best results in your Autotype Capillex 35, we recommend that you start by removing the dust from the surface of the stencil. Then, tape the positive in position. Place entire screen in a suitable vacuum frame and expose your image. If you want to learn about ideal exposure times, consult the Autotype Exposure Calculator.


To wash out your screen, clean both sides with a strong spray of water. Continue this until all parts of the image appear clean and sharp. Blot off the excess water and dry at the temperature you desire. You may spot out pinholes with sensitized emulsion


Your  Autotype Capillex 35 should always be stored in a cool and dry area. It should be kept in the protective packaging supplied and kept as close to ideal conditions as possible. Ideal conditions include:

  • 45 - 60% humidity

  • 5 to 20 °C (40 to 86 °F)

*Under these conditions, the shelf life is about 18 months.

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