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Autotype Capillex CP Capillary Stencil Film - 14 in X 28 in - 100 Sheets
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Capillex CP is a green capillary photostencil film specifically formulated for ultra fine halftone and line printing.Features Capillex CP will give a controlled stencil profile over a wide mesh range from 120/cm and finer. The low stencil profile and optimised Rz of Capillex CP gives superb dot reproduction and minimises ‘skipping’ effects often seen when printing fine halftones with UV inks. Capillex CP can be used with conventional UV and solvent based inksBenefits Very low stencil profile, typically 2-3ยต Optimised stencil surface-low Rz Excellent mounting characteristics Fast exposing Easy washout High resolution Excellent print quality Very durable Minimise ink usage through low ink build, reduces print skipping & stacking, low Rz and high resolution gives superb dot reproduction, high durability, total reliability

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