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Autotype Zeta-HD Inkjet Film - 44 in X 98 ft - Roll
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Autotype Zeta-HD Inkjet Film is an economical micro-porous clear media for production of film negatives or positives using pigment or dye inkjet printers.


Autotype Zeta-HD inkjet film, newly formulated ZETA-HD inkjet film is replacing Zeta-II in the product line. This film is designed to work equally well with pigmented ink or dye ink. At proper inking levels, Zeta-HD film is instant dry and water-resistant and available in 98ft. rolls up to 60” wide. Zeta-HD is offered at a very competitive price and will carry on the Zeta tradition with greater economy for the end user.


  • Simple to use

  • More economical than comparable predecessor

  • User friendly

  • 44 in x 98 ft Roll

  • Compatible with pigment or dye inkjet printers

Technical Specifications Of Autotype Zeta-HD Inkjet Film:

  • Film category: Micro-porous, polyester base, quick dry, and water resistant

  • Compatible Inks: Designed for dye or pigment inkjet printers for film output applications

  • Density Range - Dye Black: Ortho (visual) Dmax = 3.2 - 3.5 , Dmin .03 U.V. Dmax = 4.0+ , Dmin .23 (Quadra-K Dye)

  • Density Range - Pigment Black Ortho (visual): Dmax = 2.6 - 2.8 , Dmin .03 U.V. Dmax = 4.0+ , Dmin .23 (Epson UltraC.)

  • Water Resistance: Water resistant, no softening or ink reduction when submersed

  • Image Resolution and Dot Quality: Good resolution with both dye and pigment inks, best dot with dye ink

  • Archival Properties: Pigment and dye inks offer good archiving in proper conditions

  • Registration Accuracy: .025% over length of print - stabilized polyester

  • Thickness: .0052” inch / .132 mm

  • Screen Release: Excellent with dye, good with pigment - dependent on ink volume

  • Edge Curl: Minimal - less than 3 mm - good transport characteristics in all printers

  • Media formats: rolls: Rolls on a 3” core in 98.42 foot lengths to maintain start-end roll accuracy specification

Additional Information For Autotype Quadra-MR Inkjet Film - 54 in X 100 ft - Roll:

Quadra-K (for RS or RE printers) or Quadra-K2 black dye ink is recommended for the best halftone film output results. Quadra printer output configurations using Quadra inks are available from MacDermid Autotype to provide the proper calibration curves for linear output. Target U.V. dmax at proper ink volumes is 3.4 to 3.8 UV depending on printer settings.

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