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MacDermid Autotype Plus 1-SR Photopolymer Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
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MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR is a blue pigmented, presensitized photopolymer emulsion made with high quality applications that use solvent-based and UV curing inks. This makes MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR ideal for electronics, nameplates, and garments.


  • Blue pigment

  • Presensitized

  • Freezable


MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR will “fog” easily under UV light, so it is best to handle under yellow safelight conditions. To the same effect, handle coated screens under good yellow safelight.


MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR comes presensitized and does not need to be sensitized like usual diazo sensitized emulsions.

Mesh Preparation:

While there is no need for a sensitizer, it is essential to make sure your mesh is properly prepared prior to application to assure the best quality outcome. Make sure your mesh screen is degreased and contaminant free by using one of the many products Garston offers, including:

  • Autotype CPS Degreaser Concentrate

  • Ulano UlanoGel No. 23 Fabric Abrader and Degreaser

  • Chemical Consultants Enviroclean Natural Citrus-Based Degreaser

Coating Procedure:

MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR is best suited for mesh screen thread counts between 55 and 165 threads/cm. Apply two coats of MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR to both the print and squeegee side of the mesh screen.


The screen will dry best in conditions up to a maximum of 30º C (86º F), and should be stored under yellow safelight or completely dark conditions. Once dried, additional coatings can be added, if necessary. Make sure that if you let the screen dry outside of its drying cabinet, allow it to re-dry prior to exposure to make sure there is absolutely no moisture.


Be sure to expose screens coated in MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR for a long enough time, because underexposing will result in a weak stencil and compromised resistance. Before exposing, be sure the screen is clear of dust. Tape the screen in a positive position, and place it inside a vacuum frame to expose. Exposure times and distances for a variety of lamps is provided below:

  • 2kw metal halide - set at a distance of 120 cm for 60 sec - 100 sec

  • 3kw metal halide - set at a distance of 120 cm for 40 sec - 60 sec

  • 5kw metal halide - set at a distance of 120 cm for 20 sec to 40 sec

  • 125W mercury vapour - set at a distance of 50 cm for 120 sec to 160 sec

  • UV fluorescent tubes - set at a distance of 10 cm for 100 sec to 140 sec


Spray both sides of the screen with a powerful stream of water until all parts of the image are clear and sharp. Blot any extra moisture with blank newsprint or leather. Dry at a maximum of 30º C (86º F).


Use a screen cleaner to take the ink off of the mesh screen. Apply an ink stripper to both sides of the screen. Let stand for 5 minutes and then remove the remaining stencil with a powerfuls stream of water. If there is still a remaining ghost image, try your desired dehazer.


MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR should be stored between  5º - 20 º C (41 - 68º F) and will last for up to 2 years in storage as long as it is stored correctly. Excessive heat will compromise the integrity of MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR.

Extending the Life Of Your Emulsion:

  • Keep MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR cool and out of any humidity.

  • When opened, make sure the lid that MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR came in is the only lid used. Make sure it is properly sealed when replaced to extend its life.

  • After each use, label the container with each date MacDermid Autotype PLUS 1-SR is used in order to ensure the contents are still within its shelf life.

  • Mix the emulsion gently and thoroughly before and after each use to ensure the mixture is homogeneous.

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