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MacDermid Autotype Plus 1-SR Photopolymer Emulsion (Freezable) - 1 Gallon
Manufacturer Item: XA17035
Quantity Available: 14 GL
Sell Price: $89.75 GL
Next Quantity Break: 0
Next Quantity Break Discount: $0.00
Extended Price: $89.75

 Extended Descriptions
Product Description:PLUS 1 SR is a dependable one pot photopolymer emulsion for the graphics, garment and industrial markets.Features:One pot photopolymer, medium high solids, good coating quality, easy decoating and resistant to a wide range of solvent and UV curing inks.Benefits:Ready to use and perfect for large format screens. Good all-round product.

Warehouse Description Quantity Avail
10 Garston-East Hartford 0 GL
20 Garston-Haverhill 14 GL
30 Garston-Rochester 0 GL

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