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Camie 375 Screen Printers' Flash Cure Spray Adhesive
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Camie 375 is a screen print flash mist that works great for printing textile products that includes fleece printing. It helps to create a temporary bond, and has excellent flash cure capabilities. Camie 375 will keep your garment from moving when lift your screen after printing.  It is a repositionable adhesive that can adhere most screen printable fabrics on the platten.


  • Camie 375 has a mist spray pattern

  • White in Color

  • Mint odor when wet

  • Net Weight of 14 oz

  • Camie 375 has a maximum service temperature of 120 °F

  • Camie 375 is a Hexane and Acetone blend solvent system

  • Can be used by a textile screen printer using a flash cure technique on ink

  • Heat resistant and heat activated


Only handle Camie 375 when you are sure that you have read all the proper safety precautions and understand them completely.  If the spray button is missing or defective never attempt to spray Camie 375. This product should never be sprayed directly at a flame or another incandescent material, and it should never be pierced or burned. It is dangerous to cut, weld, solder, or grind containers of Camie 375.  Similarly, containers should not be exposed to heat, or sources of ignition, such as flames or sparks. Avoid breathing in the gas when using Camie 375, or making contact with the skin or eyes. Use this product with the proper personal protective equipment, and in a well ventilated area.  When handling, all equipment used should be grounded.

You can use Camie 375 when completing multicolored designs or during single color prints. It is advised to adhere your garment to a platten just in case your first pass with the squeegee fails to make solid coverage, and you find it necessary to drop the screen again for a second pass.

Stability and Reactivity:

Under normal conditions for use, transportation and storage, this product should be non-reactive and stable.  Hazardous polymerization does not occur with this product.


Proper disposal should be in accordance with all applicable regulations. Utilize a licensed waste disposal site to collect and reclaim or dispose sealed containers.  Never crush, puncture, or incinerate containers. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

This product should not be allowed to drain into the sewer, as it can dangerously contaminate water, ponds, waterways or ditches. For best practices, always follow label warnings when disposing of this product, and be aware that empty containers may contain residue.


The proper way to store Camie 375 is locked up, and in its pressurized container. This product should not be exposed to extreme heat greater than 122 °F or 50 °C, and it should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do not store near an open flame, heat, or other possible sources of ignition.

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