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Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R Emulsion - 1 Gallon
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The Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R  is a universal emulsion designed to be versatile and have a high rate of resistance. It has an extremely wide range of applications and can be used with water, solvent, UV, and even pastistol based inks. Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R also has the highest rate of resistance possible in an emulsion. It is only available in a dyed formulation.


  • Visibly Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R is blue in color.

  • Extremely durable; Can withstand many things including long print runs.

  • Quickly exposed.

  • 3360 cps of viscosity (Sensitized).

  • Made up of 37-38% solids (Sensitized).

  • Resistant to heat and humidity.

  • Resilient to aggressive solvent and water based adhesives and inks.

  • Easily reclaimable with high pressure


If you want your Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R to work properly and not underexpose or overexpose, make sure to work under yellow light. For safety, avoid contact with skin or eyes.


Mix emulsion and sensitizer according to instructions on the bottle. Let emulsion stand at least two hours before using. For best results: Always stir emulsion before use. Contents may settle over long periods of time. Gentle stirring will ensure that the emulsion is properly mixed.

Mesh Preparation

Before you begin using Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R Emulsion, you should clean your mesh. Make sure to get rid of all leftover cleaning chemistry, residual inks or dirt and dust. For best results, use ChromaClean to work up a lather on both sides, rinse with a hose, and lay dry.

Coating Procedure

Fill a scoop coater with room temperature emulsion. Slowly apply first coat to print side. Then coat squeegee side with one to three coats depending upon thickness required. If thicker stencil is required, additional coats may be applied to print side after initial drying of stencil. Be sure to dry thoroughly between coats.


Thoroughly dry screen in horizontal position, print side down, using a dark, clean drying cabinet. Temperature should not exceed 110° F (43° C).


Place emulsion side of photopositive in contact with print side of screen. Below is a list of suggested exposure times using a 5KW Metal Halide lamp at a distance of 40 feet:

  • 158 Mesh TPI (62 cm): 60-90 sec.

  • 230 Mesh TPI (90 cm): 45-60 sec.

  • 305 Mesh TPI (120 cm): 30-45 sec.

Since dual cure emulsions have a very wide exposure latitude, it is also always important to be extra cautious. Many times, underexposed stencils can appear acceptable but will later break down prematurely on the press. To avoid this, always determine exposure speed by overexposing your test stencil Then, use Chromaline exposure calculator to reduce exposure time. When you follow these steps, you can help the product become more durable.


When it’s time to washout your screen, gently spray both sides with lukewarm water. Wait a few seconds to the emulsion to soften and then wash the print side out. Once the image is open, you can rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry the screen. For best results, we recommend you use a drying cabinet and/or electric fans. A vacuum can also be used to accelerate drying.


Apply Chroma/Strip screen reclaimer to both sides of screen. Scrub area to be reclaimed with a stiff nylon brush. Then, ensure the entire surface is wet and let it work its magic. After the stencil dissolves, remove its residue with pressured water. Then rinse your screen with garden type hose, thoroughly flooding screen and frame.


Make sure to protect your Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R from freezing, as it is not freeze/thaw stable. Ideally, you should leave it left at room temperature (60-80° F). That way, it can last about 4-6 weeks. And a unexposed screen can be stored for as long as a month in a dark, clean, and cool area.

Extending the Life of Your Emulsion

  • Keep the lid tightly on your emulsion to avoid air or light leaks. Light, air, and other particles can contaminate your Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R.

  • Gently mix your Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R before every use. Contents may settle over time.

  • Use only distilled water to dissolve diazo sensitizer.

  • Keep your Chromaline Magna/Cure Max-R in a chilled area. Heat, humidity, and the elements can make your emulsion break down and speed up the expiration date.  

  • Use a marker to note every time you have used your emulsion. That way, you can keep track of it.

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