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Chromaline TexTac Water Based Pallet Adhesive - 1 GL
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Chromaline TexTac Pallet Adhesive is a liquid adhesive. Chromaline TexTac can be used for screen printing as it will hold garments down during printing. It can also be used for embroidery as it will keep backer in place while stitching.


  • Chromaline TexTac is in a liquid form, white in color and has a slightly acrylic odor.

  • The pH value of Chromaline TexTac is 4.3

  • Water solubility is dispersible

  • Volatiles (WT.) is 38.5%

  • The flashpoint of Chromaline TexTac is > 200 °F(> 93.3333 °C)

  • The evaporation rate of Chromaline TexTac is < 1 n-Butyl Acetate = 1

  • Chromaline TexTac is freeze/thaw stable

Chromaline TexTac will retain tack for 200 shirts or more while eliminating overspray onto the floor, equipment and air. Chromaline TexTac is also water-based, so it is more environmentally friendly. It is not flammable and one gallon of Chromaline TexTac replaces 4 to 5 cases of aerosol containers.


When handling Chromaline TexTac be sure to use good safety and industrial hygiene practices. Chromaline TexTac can be used as an adhesive alone.

When applying the Chromaline TexTac you can manually use the adhesive with a card, paint-brush or spray bottle. It is recommended that you use air assisted spray units for fine, even coatings. You can also apply pallet tape to a clean surface; as it will avoid the necessity of having to scrub Chromaline TexTac from the pallet. For shirt printing, only use a thin layer of Chromaline TexTac if necessary, however, a thicker layer will be required for fleece, sweatshirts, towels, or other high lint materials.


Chromaline TexTac can be air-dried; accelerated drying will occur if it is under a flash unit for 20 seconds. Remember that a heavier coat of adhesive will increase tack strength and dry times. When you have completed the drying stage, Chromaline TexTac will turn clear.


A damp sponge can be used to remove lint and re-tackify the Chromaline TexTac when lint build-up diminishes. When you are reapplying, make sure to allow your Chromaline TexTac to dry. If it does not dry or bond to pallet, the adhesive may transfer to the garment. If you have reached 200 up to 400 impressions with your Chromaline TexTac, retacking may not be a necessary measure.

Methods & Material for Containment & Cleanup:

When cleaning up Chromaline TexTac use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and be sure to contain and/or absorb the spill with inert material (such as sand or vermiculite), then place it in a suitable container.

For the cleanup process of Chromaline TexTac, first use hot water mixed with image mate Degreaser 260. This can help clean up pallets, equipment and floors. However, pallet paper will eliminate the need for pallet cleaning. For stubborn areas, acetone may have to be used.

Accidental Release Measures:

If your Chromaline TexTac spills during use or storage,  do not touch or walk through the adhesive and ventilate the enclosed areas. Use normal clean up procedures if the material is used under ordinary conditions as recommended.

For large spills of Chromaline TexTac that could be an environmental precaution, prevent entry into waterways, sewers, basements or confined areas.


Remember to store Chromaline TexTac away from extreme heat. Do not freeze and keep the container closed when not is use.

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