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Chromaline UDC-2 Universal Dual Cure Emulsion with Sensitizer - 3.5 Gallon
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With superior exposure speed and latitude, Chromaline UDC-2 Universal Dual Cure Emulsion with Sensitizer is ideal for printers in nearly every category. Provides the perfect combination of price and performance.


  • Visibly the color blue.

  • 36% sensitized solids.

  • 3500 cps viscous (Sensitized).

  • Can be used with solvent as well as UV or plastisol inks.


For best results, use your Chromaline UDC-2 Universal Dual Cure Emulsion with Sensitizer. For your safety, avoid contact with skin or eyes.


Mix emulsion and sensitizer according to instructions on bottle. Let emulsion stand at least two hours before using.

Mesh Preparation:

Using Chroma/Clean™ mesh degreaser, work up a lather on both sides of mesh. Flood screen and frame thoroughly with water, then dry.

Coating Procedure:

Fill scoop coater with room temperature emulsion. Slowly apply first coat to print side. Then coat squeegee side with one to three coats depending upon thickness required. If thicker stencil is required, additional coats may be applied to print side after initial drying of stencil. Be sure to dry thoroughly between coats.


Thoroughly dry screen in horizontal position, print side down, using a dark, clean drying cabinet.

  • 110 º F (43 º C)

  • 30% to 50% relative humidity

  • Good air circulation


Exposure times are suggested only as a guide. Use the Chromaline Exposure Calculator to determine optimal exposure times. Individual exposure times may vary depending upon equipment used, bulb age, and other shop conditions.

  • 158 Mesh TPI (62 cm): 60-90 secs.

  • 230 Mesh TPI (90 cm): 45-60 secs.

  • 305 Mesh TPI (120 cm): 30-45 secs.


When it’s time to washout your screen, gently spray both sides with tepid water. Wait a few seconds to the emulsion to soften and then wash the print side out. Once the image is open, you can rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry the screen. For best results, we recommend you use a drying cabinet and/or electric fans. Then, to develop your emulsion, take a pressure washer and fan spray it.


Apply Chroma/Strip™ screen reclaimer to both sides of screen. Scrub area to be reclaimed with a stiff nylon brush to ensure entire surface is wet and let it work a few moments until stencil begins to dissolve. Remove stencil residue with pressure washer, then rinse with water, thoroughly flooding screen and frame.


Chromaline UDC-2 Universal Dual Cure Emulsion with Sensitizer has a shelf life of 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature (60 to 80°F) or longer when refrigerated. To maximize sensitized shelf life use only distilled water to dissolve diazo sensitizer.

Extending the Life of Your Chromaline UDC-2 Universal Dual Cure Emulsion with Sensitizer

  • Protect from freezing. UDC-2 is not freeze/thaw stable. Freezing during shipping may result in clear gel spots which may resemble pinholes.

  • Coated, unexposed screens can be stored as long as one month in a clean, cool, dry and completely dark area.

  • Use only distilled water to dissolve diazo sensitizer.

  • Expiration date. Always check the expiration date on sensitizer bottle to assure freshness.

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