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Autotype CPS Degreaser Concentrate 1:10/15 - 1 LT
Manufacturer Item: XA19577
Quantity Available: 24 LT
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Autotype CPS Degreaser Concentrate 1:10/15 is a water-based mesh preparation that removes grease and contaminants from the screen prior to stencil application. It is offered in two concentrations: a standard 1:10/15 formula which is diluted with 10-15 parts of water for a ready to use product, and the CPS Drum Concentrate, which is mixed with 50-55 parts water for drum quantities of degreaser.


CPS Degreaser Concentrate 1:10/15 is a blue water based preparation for the removal of grease and general contaminants prior to applying the stencil.

Autotype CPS Degreaser Concentrate 1:10/15 Steps For Use:

  1. Apply with a yellow CPS Brush using a circular motion to both sides of the mesh.

  2. Rinse off with water and dry.

  3. After drying, the screen is ready to coat with emulsion.

Autotype CPS Screen Wash T Features and Benefits:

  • Specially designed for screen printers

  • All types of mesh

  • Reduces fisheyes, excellent anti-static properties, biodegradable

  • One product fits all

  • Can be applied by brush, spray or in an automatic unit

  • Can be used directly in the detergent feed of a high pressure gun

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10 Garston-East Hartford 4 LT
20 Garston-Haverhill 20 LT
30 Garston-Rochester 0 LT

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