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Autotype CPS Press Wash UV - 25 LT
Manufacturer Item: XA19757
Quantity Available: 2 25LT
Sell Price: $197.43 25LT
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Extended Price: $197.43

 Extended Descriptions
***HAZARDOUS MATERIAL *** FLAMMABLE LIQUID NOS ALIPHATIC HYDROCARBONS REGULATED ONLY IN AIRPresswash UV is a low-hazard product that is designed to remove UV inks from screens during or after the print run. It is an excellent solvent blend for on-press use, particularly at companies trying to minimize the use of harmful solvents as screen openers. Apply to the screen with a clean cloth and allow to evaporate before resuming printing. CPS Presswash UV will evaporate without leaving a greasy residue. This product can also be used as a screen cleaner after the print run, whenever the screens are going to be kept and reused. Note: CPS Presswash UV is not recommended for use on one-part photopolymer (SBQ) emulsions and stencil films.

Warehouse Description Quantity Avail
10 Garston-East Hartford 0 25LT
20 Garston-Haverhill 2 25LT
30 Garston-Rochester 0 25LT

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