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Autotype CPS Aquawash LS - 25 LT
Manufacturer Item: XA22092
Quantity Available: 3 25LT
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Autotype CPS Aquawash LS is a concentrated ink cleaner that is diluted 1:1 and up to 1:3 with water. Provides screen printers with a low VOC and low COD Aquawash for manual and automatic machine cleaning (EN122921-3:2005 compliant) of textile, UV graphics and some solvent based industrial inks. Concentrates make ink cleaning a more sustainable process as less packaging is used and the carbon foot print is reduced as less product needs to be delivered to you. 1 litre of product gives you up to 4 litres of working product for cleaning.


CPS Aquawash is used after printing when the screen is going to be reclaimed. It is suitable for automatic or manual cleaning. For manual use the product is designed to be applied with a blue CPS Brush and rinsed with water, prior to removing the stencil.

Autotype CPS Haze Remover Liquid Steps For Use:

  1. Apply with a yellow CPS Brush using a circular motion to both sides of the mesh.

  2. Let sit for 2 minutes

  3. Rinse with water.

  4. Rinse with high pressure.

Autotype CPS Aquawash LS Liquid Shelf Life Storage:

Products should be kept in original packaging and stored away from direct sunlight or UV light sources. Under the recommended storage conditions, the optimum shelf life is 2 years at a storage temperature of 0-30°C (30-90°F).

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10 Garston-East Hartford 3 25LT
20 Garston-Haverhill 0 25LT
30 Garston-Rochester 0 25LT

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