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Autotype CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30 - 1 LT
Manufacturer Item: XA22835
Quantity Available: 38 LT
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Autotype CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30 is a concentrated product that is diluted with water. This product is used to reclaim stencil making systems and especially good at reclaiming water resistant emulsions and capillary films. Stencil remover concentrates offer screen printers a more sustainable cleaning process, as they reduce the amount of packaging used and reduces the carbon footprint as less product needs to be delivered to the end user over a year (1 LT of concentrate makes up to 31 LT of finished product).


CPS endorses best industry practice that operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling all chemical products, including Autotype CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30, even those classified as 'non-hazardous’. Recommended PPE for CPS Products includes gloves and safety glasses (or goggles when handling larger quantities). CPS endorses best industry practice and manual handling of 20, 25 and 210 liter containers should be risk assessed and suitable controls put in place. Use of mechanical handling equipment may be necessary.

Stencil Remover Preparation:

Dilute 1 part stencil remover concentrate 1:20/30 with 20-30 parts water before use. The product makes approximately 5-8 gallons of reclaiming solution. Stencil Remover Drum Concentrate 1:50 is mixed in larger quantities. For high volume operations, mix a 1-gallon container into 50 gallons of water for a drum of ready-to-use product.

Working Instructions:

Autotype CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30 is used to remove water resistant emulsions. It is ideal for use in automatic cleaning machines and for manual cleaning with a brush.

  • Step One: Apply diluted stencil remover to the screen with a brush or a brush pump.

  • Step Two: Leave solution on screen for two minutes. Emulsion should begin to break down.

  • Step Three: Rinse screen with medium pressure water.  

  • Step Four: Spray screen with high pressure water to remove any remaining solution and emulsion.


Under the recommended storage conditions, the optimum shelf life is 2 years at storage temperature of 5-20 degrees Celsius or 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit for Autotype CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30.

Do not freeze.

Extending the Life of Your Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30

  • Stencil Remover Concentrate should be kept in original packaging and stored away from direct sunlight or UV light sources.

Disposal of Your Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30

  • Small quantities of Autotype CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30 from the washing process are permitted to enter the foul waste system, however it is recommended that you consult your local regulations and consent limits.

  • The emission of large quantities into the foul waste system should be avoided and you are advised to check local regulations and consent conditions.

  • Waste product that has reached the end of its shelf life should be disposed via an authorized chemical waste handling company.

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10 Garston-East Hartford 30 LT
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