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Murakami S-Mesh - 150 Thread - 23 X 31 in 
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Quantity Available: 32 EA
Sell Price: $30.61 EA
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 Extended Descriptions
Murakami’s new S Mesh can print base plates and white highlight hits like no other mesh available. It’s unique mesh structure allows ink to print with minimal squeegee pressure and lay down consistent opaque base plates at standard squeegee speeds. The base plate is often the slowest printing head in a design. Speeding up the base plate print yields more pieces per hour and justifies the investment in a better base plate mesh. Murakami Thin Threads have made a significant impact on how an image is recreated and printed accurately on a shirt. Our aluminum frames are cut from 6005T5 alloy,pulse welded securely to insure a water tight seal, and ground smooth for flatness and handling ease.

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10 Garston-East Hartford 0 EA
20 Garston-Haverhill 32 EA

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