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Murakami S-Mesh - 150 Thread - 23 X 31 in 
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Murakami S-Mesh - 150 Thread can print base plates and white highlight hits like no other mesh available. It’s unique mesh structure allows ink to print with minimal squeegee pressure and lay down consistent opaque base plates at standard squeegee speeds. These aluminum frames are cut from 6005T5 alloy, pulse welded securely to insure a water tight seal, and ground smooth for flatness and handling ease.


The base plate is often the slowest printing head in a design. Speeding up the base plate print yields more pieces per hour and justifies the investment in a better base plate mesh. Murakami S-Mesh - 150 Thread is the best in the business for automatic screen printing as well as manual screen printing. Murakami Thin Threads have made a significant impact on how an image is recreated and printed accurately on a shirt.

Working Instructions:

Murakami S-Mesh - 150 Thread is an aluminum screen designed for particularly competitive screen printing applications like t-shirt printing. The product is available at a 150 mesh count per cm, in standard production width in yellow color.

Product Characteristics of Murakami S-Mesh - 150 Thread:

  • Mesh Count: 150-S

  • CM: 150

  • Color: Yellow

  • Weave: PW

  • Nominal Thread Diameter (UM): 48

  • Mesh Opening (UM): 121

  • Open Area: (%): 51

  • Fabric Thickness (UM): 77

  • Theoretical Ink Volume (cm³ /cm²): 39

Mesh Adhesion Options:

Glueing options for attaching mesh to aluminum frames include two primary methods as well as additional options which provide added strength for chemical resistance and extended mesh performance.

  • Cyanoacrylate Glue: Our standard high strength glueing option. Resistant to most chemicals, this glue has a remarkably high tensile strength for everyday production on both manual and automatic presses.

  • Two part polyurethane: Also known as “Red Glue” is the next level in both strength and chemical resistance. This catalyzed adhesive is resistant to all chemicals commonly used in the screen printing industry and is applied with a multi-layer process ensuring a strong bond to the frame for extended performance.

  • Permanent Block Out: This glue is composed of the same material as Red Glue giving it the same strength and durability while blocking a 1.5 inch border around the edge of the mesh inside the frame. It eliminates the need for temporary block-out on the frame and can be used in place of or with screen tape to prevent ink leakage.

  • Screen Boss: The ultimate addition to any glued frame for its super-strength bond. It is applied to the inside edge of the mesh where it meets the frame and creates a practically indestructible bond between mesh and frame for premium resistance to chemical degradation and maximum frame life.

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