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Chemical Consultants DC-Plus is a diazo sensitized Dual Cure emulsion. It is designed to be a versatile emulsion that can work with UV, Solvent, Plastisol, graphic, and even water based inks. It also creates images with outstanding resolution and edge definition and its durability makes it excellent for long print runs.


  • Blue or Clear in color

  • Chemical Consultants DC-Plus is free from any pin-holes or fish eyes

  • Made up of 38% solid

  • A cost-efficient and high quality option


Chemical Consultants DC-Plus should only be handled under yellow safelight conditions. When using your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus, always avoid contact with skin or eyes.


Before you can apply your emulsion, you must sensitize it. Follow the instructions on the bottle and mix your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus with your sensitizer. It is important to stir it because the contents may settle over time. After you have mixed it, let the emulsion stand for 2 hours. During this time, the air bubbles will be released from your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus.

Mesh Preparation:

Make sure to get rid of all leftover cleaning chemistry, residual inks or dirt and dust on your mesh. If you want exceptional results, use the Chemical Consultants ChromaClean.

Coating Procedure:

After you’ve prepared your mesh, take a pail and cover the print side with your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus. Make sure that your tool is both clean and smooth enough to ensure an even coating. After you’ve coated the print side, rotate the frame 180 degrees and coat the squeegee side. You may want to apply more than one coat here or also to coat the print side again if your stencil is thicker. burrs. Always make sure to dry in between coats. Also, make sure the environment you are coating in is clean, light safe, and at 65% humidity level.


Always dry your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus in a horizontal position, print side down. That way, you can get the best image possible. Also make sure your space is clean, cool, and light-safe. Ideal drying conditions with Chemical Consultants DC-Plus are as follows:

  • 86º to 104º degrees F (30º to 40º C)

  • 30% to 50% relative humidity

  • Good air circulation


For the best results, use an exposure calculator to find out the exact exposure time you need. Exposure is affected by clean film positives, mesh color, emulsion type, emulsion thickness and the exposure unit you use. Below is a list of suggested exposure times using a 5KW Metal Halide lamp:

  • Mesh/Inch= 86, White: 255 light units

  • Mesh/Inch= 110, White: 240 light units

  • Mesh/Inch= 200, Yellow: 195 light units

  • Mesh/Inch= 300, Yellow: 150 light units

  • Mesh/Inch= 350, Yellow: 140 light units


When it’s time to washout your screen, gently spray both sides with lukewarm water. Wait a few seconds for the emulsion to soften and then wash the print side out. Once the image is open, you can rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry the screen. For best results, we recommend you use a drying cabinet and/or electric fans. A vacuum can also be used to accelerate drying.


To reclaim, apply Chroma/Strip™ or a screen reclaimer of your choice to both sides of screen. Then, use a stiff nylon brush to scrub the reclaimed part. Make sure the entire surface is wet and let it sit for a few moments. After the stencil has dissolved, remove its residue with pressured water. Finally, use water to thoroughly rinse the entire screen and frame.


Your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus does not work well in unstable conditions, so make sure you do not expose it to freezing temperatures. If you leave it in a safe and clean room that is between 59-77 degrees ° F (15-25 degrees ° C), your emulsion should last around 6 months.

Extending the Life of Your Emulsion:

  • Light, air, and other particles can contaminate your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus. So, keep your the lid tightly on your emulsion to avoid air or light leaks.

  • It is important to stir your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus every time you use it. The contents may have settled during storage.

  • Keep your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus in a cool area. Heat, humidity, and the elements can make your emulsion break faster than anticipated

  • Always remember to note every use of your Chemical Consultants DC-Plus. This way you can keep track of how many uses you’ve completed.

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