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Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover - 55 GL DRM
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Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover is a non hazardous, liquid, concentrated solution with additives designed to aggressively dissolve direct, direct/indirect emulsions, as well as capillary films. Mixes with water up to 1:4. EasiSolv 5 degreases as it dissolves stencils, eliminating the additional step and expense of degreasing chemicals.


Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover is an economical liquid concentrate, which easily mixes 1 part chemical to 4 parts water. This product will dissolve virtually all films and emulsions from coarse and fine mesh leaving no emulsion stains or hazes, which interfere with subsequent screen making. When rinsed with high pressure water emulsion and capillary films will be easily removed and the printing mesh will be fully degreased and ready to be recoated. This product has zero VOCs.

Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover Preparation:

Dilute 1 part stencil remover with 4 parts water before use.

Working Instructions:

Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover is used to remove water resistant emulsions. In addition to removing stubborn emulsion, this product degreases as it cleans, eliminating the need to add additional degreasing chemicals.

  • Step One: Apply solution by brush, wipe, scrub pad or spray to both sides of emulsion/film, after ink has been removed.

  • Step Two: High pressure rinse both sides of the screen.

  • Step Three:Flood rinse entire screen with low pressure rinse from the top to remove any debris, splash back and chemical residue.

If stubborn stains remain, apply stain remover and high pressure rinse.


Keep the container of Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover tightly closed. Store in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place away from incompatible materials such as caustics. Preferable storage is a restricted area designed for acids and oxidizers.

Disposal of Your Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover

  • Easiway EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover is biodegradable and drain safe when mixed with water, which reduces environmental concerns.

  • Dispose of any waste in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Determine EPA RCRA waste categorization at the time of disposal as mixing with other materials may change its categorization. Containers may contain residue that needs to be addressed at time of disposal. Recycling containers needs to address any remaining residues.

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