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Easiway W-36 Easiflo Backlit Washout Booth - 40 in X 36 in X 28 in 
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The EasiWay W-36 Screen Printing Washout Booth is 40"High x 36"Wide x 28"Deep. This washout booth features a back-lit, polypropylene screen printing washout booth from EasiWay Systems.This booth is designed to be chemical resistant to all of EasiWay screen cleaning chemicals it is constructed of 1/2 white, welded, corrosion proof polypropylene screen cleaning chemicals.


  • Convenient side-mounted On/Off Switch.

  • Includes a uniquely designed screen rack, a four inch vent collar, and anti-splash facing.

  • Recommended Screen Size: 23" x 31".

  • Includes four booth legs, sealed light compartment and frame rack.

  • Illuminated Easiway W-36 Easiflo Backlit Washout Booth Backsplash


For emulsion removal, first Remove all screen tapes. Place screens with ink into the EasiWay W-36 Screen Printing Washout Booth with EasiStrip Ink & Emulsion Remove. Scrub emulsions in areas that emulsion does not begin to break down. Spray out screen and rinse residue with pressure washer (medium pressure) away from the mesh with water. Following rinse, apply EasiSolv 701 with a screen scrubber and wait 2 to 3 minutes. After applying Easisolv 701 solution and scrubbing, wash with medium pressure and dry.


Unplug Easiway W-36 Easiflo Backlit Washout Booth from outlet. Be sure to clean the unit thoroughly before storing. Use a medium to high pressure washer to remove remaining emulsions and ink before storing.

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