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Fimor Serigraphy Serilor HR3 Triple Layers Soft 65/90/65shA White/Red/White - 3/8 in X 2 in
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Fimor Serilor HR3 is a special polyurethane blade that comes with exceptional resistance to chemicals and abrasion. The purpose and structure of Fimor Serilor HR3 is meant to withstand the toughest applications for screen printing, and contains a long shelf life for most environments. In order to avoid bubbles and craters (after grinding and even at the core of the material), Fimor Serilor HR3 blades are manufactured in order to bring optimal homogeneity to the compound. Recommended for high speed automatic printing equipment, Serilor HR3 features a 90shA hard centre layer for support, perfect for fine lines and halftone printing.


  • Triple Layers.

  • Standard Combinations: Triple Medium (75/90/75shA) white/Green/white, Triple Soft (65/90/65shA) white/Red/white

  • Maximum resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

  • High environment stability (temperature, humidity)

  • Sharpens well for reuse.


Fimor Serilor HR3, a softer grade (65sh) is used for increased ink deposits and high coverage printing, softer grades (65sh). Excessive wear and tear is possible when applying additional pressure on your Fimor Serilor HR3. You should avoid applying excessive pressure, seeing that it can make your ink deposit heavy and uncontrollable. Remember that the squeegee will slightly exceed the printed image in size, and it is important to leave a significant amount of free space between your screen edge and both squeegee ends.

In a machine or hand holder, gently insert the Fimor Serilor HR3 squeegee and avoid forcing the blade in the holder by adhering to the appropriate squeegee thickness. Make sure to regularly change the printing side of the squeegee as well, this will minimise the effect of bending with speed and pressure. Always rotate your squeegee; you do not want to wait until the mechanical & chemical wear bents your blade permanently back.  You will want to replace it by acquiring a fresh Fimor Serilor HR3 and allowing it to relax or flatten up to 24 hours.


In the screen printing industry, Fimor Serilor HR3 squeegee blades can be sharpened by all methods including belt grinders, wheel sharpeners, or knife cutting machines.

Do not wash a hot, freshly sharpened blade on your Fimor Serilor HR3 with chemicals and never sharpen a squeegee that has solvents. In one pass, excessive material should not be grinded either. In order to accommodate the Fimor Serilor HR3 squeegee edge to the holder shape, precision printing requires a preventive sharpening.

Cleaning Procedure:

Use either a piece of cardboard or a soft cloth to remove excess ink from your Fimor Serilor HR3. To wash the blade, you must have an impregnated cloth or an appropriate cleaning machine. It is important to avoid the usage of aggressive chemicals, such as ink thinners on your Fimor Serilor HR3. Before re-use or sharpening, you must allow for the squeegee to rest so the chemicals can evaporate.


Prior to use, Fimor Serilor HR3 blades must always be kept flat, unrolled (especially when in long term storage). They should be kept in a dry cool place that is far away from any direct light source. When exposed to extreme temperature and humidity conditions, the hardness of your Fimor Serilor HR3 may be altered.

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