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Freehand Graphics All Black Ink Starter Kit for Epson 1400 / 1430 
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All black Ink from Freehand Graphics is the simple and affordable solution for professional film output. Unlike so called “cheap” pigments ink that require printers to lay down a large amount of ink that physically blocks the transfer of light, All Black ink is dye based and has UV blockers that allow you to use less and get more. This kit includes 6 Tanks 6 Frames 1 Chip Resetter.


Freehand Graphics All Black Ink Starter Kit for Epson 1400 / 1430 is an outstanding, industry-specific, UV light-blocking black dye ink delivered in cartridges by Freehand Graphics to screen-printers that demand greater ink volume and efficiency from their Epson Inkjet.Your inkjet sprays ink onto your film. Screen-printers need BLACK INK ONLY to make films. Color ink has NO value in the process. Freehand delivered to the industry the most efficient means to get volume of black ink while helping to maintain the operating health of your inkjet by reducing or eliminating costly clogs.

Freehand Graphics All Black Ink Starter Kit for Epson:

  • Artisan 1430

  • Stylus Photo 1400, 1500W

(if you don't see your model, please purchase "refillable cartridges, and fill with our Positively Black bulk ink):

Cost Elimination:

The volume of dye and the number of slots determines the cost of an ink set. You’ll appreciate that the pricing is right in line with or lower than all other ink lines. You receive greater value and bigger savings from formulated dye in comparison to pigment ink that requires heavier ink lay-down to block light. Below is a list of All Black Ink supported models, specifications and pricing.

Freehand Graphics All Black Ink Starter Kit Benefits:

Volume of black ink is the obvious benefit. “All Black Cartridges" also help with the maintenance of your inkjet.  How? Inkjets work best when all nozzles are in use to prevent clogs. When unnecessary color carts sit idle they can clog your device and it will stop working (Epson has designed the hardware to stop printing when carts fail or are empty).  With "All Black" you use all of the carts because they now contain quality Black dye. You've dedicated your machine to making film positives AND you are using your Epson as it was intended - with all nozzles in use! Now this is dedication!

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