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Freehand Graphics All Black Ink for Epison 1900  - 8 Cartridge Set 
Manufacturer Item: EP-1900-8
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Sell Price: $195.00 EA
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 Extended Descriptions
18ml all black ink for Epson 1900Epson 1900 8 cartridge setALL BLACK INK is an outstanding, industry-specific, UV light-blocking black dye ink delivered in cartridges by Freehand Graphics to screen-printers that demand greater ink volume and efficiency from their Epson Inkjet.Your inkjet sprays ink onto your film. Screen-printers need BLACK INK ONLY to make films. Color ink has NO value in the process. Freehand delivered to the industry the most efficient means to get volume of black ink while helping to maintain the operating health of your inkjet by reducing or eliminating costly clogs.

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