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PolyOne Wilflex 10545PFXUBG EPIC Performance UB Gray Ink - 1 GL
Manufacturer Item: FO20025055Z1
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PolyOne Wilflex 10545PFXUBG EPIC Performance UB Gray Ink is a premium non-phthalate plastisol ink designed to prevent dye migration on 100% polyester and poly blends. High performance bleed-resistant technology, excellent elasticity, and low cure temperature provide superior performance for printing onto specialty substrates


Print Performance Underbase Gray so that the flashed ink deposit fully covers the underlying fabric. Overprint with Epic Performance low-bleed inks, white and/or colors. Best results achieved using recommended mesh counts. Use consistent, high-tension screens to optimize performance. To optimize performance, minimize the fabric’s exposure to heat. Adjust the dryer belt speed to highest setting while ensuring that entire ink film still reaches 290°F (145°C).


  • High performance, bleed-resistant technology.

  • Excellent elasticity.

  • Low cure temperature.

  • Smooth surface.

  • Matte finish.

  • Works on a variety of fabrics

Printing Tips for PolyOne Wilflex 10545PFXUBG EPIC Performance UB Gray Ink:

Perform fusion tests before production. Failure to cure ink properly may result in poor wash fastness, inferior adhesion and unacceptable durability. Ink gel and cure temperatures should be measured using a Thermoprobe placed directly in the wet ink film and verified on the production run substrate(s) and production equipment. It is the responsibility of the printer to determine that the correct ink has been selected for a specific substrate and the application processes meet your customer’s standards or specifications. Due to difference in heat and moisture absorption rates between fabrics, the oven settings will require adjustments when switching from one fabric to another. Polyester fabrics are likely to have dye migration issues. To determine a material’s bleed potential, please reference the testing procedures outlined in the Wilflex User’s Manual. Avoid over-flashing as it can result in poor intercoat adhesion of colors. Reducing viscosity will adversely affect opacity. Stir plastisols before printing. Do not dry clean, bleach or iron printed area.

Non Contamination of PolyOne Wilflex 10545PFXUBG EPIC Performance UB Gray Ink:

Do not add or mix non-Epic inks, additives or extenders with Epic inks. All buckets, palette knives, stirring apparatus, squeegees, flood bars and screens must be cleaned properly and free of phthalates and pvc containing inks. Non-phthalate emulsions and pallet adhesives must be used. Failure to follow these precautions may cause phthalate contamination in violation of consumer protection laws and regulations.

Technical Specifications of PolyOne Wilflex 10545PFXUBG EPIC Performance UB Gray Ink:

Fabric Types: 100% polyester, polyester blends, 100% nylon Jersey, 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends, cotton/Lycra blends, spandex *Not suitable for all nylon substrates. Pretest prior to production.

Mesh: Counts- 86-158 t/in (34-62 t/cm) Tension- 25-35 n/cm2

Squeegee: 70, 80 Edge: Square, Sharp Stroke: Medium *Do not use excess squeegee pressure.

Non-Phthalate Stencil:  2 over 2 Capillary/Thick Film: N/A Off Contact: 1/16” (.2cm)

Flash & Cure Temperatures: 160°F (70°C) Cure: 290°F (140°C)

Storage: 65-90°F (18-32°C) Avoid direct sunlight. Use within one year of receipt.

Clean Up: Ink degradent or press wash.

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