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International Coatings 3804 Low Cure Additive - 1 QT
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International Coatings 3804 Low Cure Additive for textile screen printing inks provides new printing opportunities for the growing range of heat-sensitive substrates in the market today. 3804 Low Cure Additive was developed in response to growing customer demand for a product that enables them to print on heat sensitive substrates, such as 100% polyester or the very popular non-woven polypropylene bags. Volume of container is 1 Quart.


The addition of 3804 Low Cure Additive to regular plastisol inks can lower the cure or fusion temperature to 300º F (149º C) and in some cases, even to as low as 275º F (135º C). 3804 Low Cure Additive is Non-Phthalate 3804 PF Low Cure Additive offers a printing solution for heat-sensitive materials that are prone to bleeding or dye migration when subjected to conventional oven or dryer temperatures. The ability to cure at lower temperatures also provides greater control in preventing fabric shrinkage. 3804 PF Low Cure Additive may also improve flash times where spot drying is required.

Flash & Cure Temperatures For International Coatings 3804 Low Cure Additive:

Since plastisols do not air dry, they must be fused with an appropriate heat source in order to achieve durability. The optimum time/temperature cycle will vary with the amount of ink deposited, fabric, and type of heat source used. Plastisols actually achieve the proper fusion point as soon as the innermost section of the ink film reaches the prescribed temperature. Test dryer temperatures before a production run. Wash test printed product before production run. Some types of Lycra and Spandex fabrics do not absorb heat as quickly as other types of fabrics. Increasing time and/or the temperature in the dryer may be needed to achieve the proper fusing temperature of the mixed ink.

Additional Information For International Coatings 3804 Low Cure Additive:

Modifying 3804 Low Cure Additive is not recommended. Lowers the cure temperature of most plastisol based inks to less sub 300 degrees fahrenheit.

Technical Specs of International Coatings 3804 Low Cure Additive:

Fabric Types: 100% Cotton, Cotton/Polyester blends and 100% Polyester. Always test print and check for wash fastness and possible bleeding or dye migration.

Mesh: To be determined by ink used with additive.

Squeegee: 65-70 Durometer: Sharp Edge. 60-90-60 or 70-90-70 triple Durometer: Sharp Edge

Cure Temperatures: 300°F (149°C) or lower with us of cure additive.

Storage: Keep indoors and store in a cool area. Storage recommended at 65°F to 90°F (18°C to 32°C). Avoid storage in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions.

Clean Up: Any Environmentally Friendly Plastisol Screen Wash.

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